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  1. G

    C250 Mass air flow sensor

  2. P

    C250 cdi remapping

    Hi everyone, I have a 2015 C250 coupe. Does anyone know if a stage two remap can be done if so what does it require and what would be the results. Thanks
  3. R

    Need HELP with Whirring noise at low revs (C250 CDI W204)

    Hi Guys, First time posting in a forum ever, so apologies if any of my forum etiquette is rusty! Basically I'm having a complete nightmare with my 2011 C250 CDI (automatic & 60,000 miles on the clock) and I cannot get to the bottom of the problem. As the title says, I'm experiencing a...
  4. A

    Any trouble free motoring with C250d?

    Hey guys, Im looking to buy a C250d (2012-2013). For my budget ive found a couple with around 35K on the clock. Now, ive done my research on mercedes diesel engines and have come across a few horror stories i.e. black death. Ive also heard of people describing, especially with the 250's, a lag...
  5. T

    2012 c250 amg rear spoiler

    Hello people, I just left a deposit on my first Mercedes today, it's red and I want to get a black amg rear spoiler for it. I see a lot on eBay varying on price so just wondering would anyone here have bought one previous and send me in the right direction as where to buy one . Cheers in...
  6. R

    Hey Hey!

    Hi Guys, Just purchased a 2011 w204 C Class Coupe 250cdi. Excellent ride so far! Took me long to find one with full on leather, pano roof - got there in the end! Just a little background from moi - was driving a Smart 451 for the past 3+ years, prior to that had an e46 M3 - looking at the...
  7. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes C250 CDI Remapping!!!

    Hey guys and girls, Had a lovely C250 CDI in for power tuning, This was a 2013 model and runs the newer Delphi management the CRD3.X variation which the methods of tuning are slightly different compared to the older DCM variations. We still have full lines of communication via OBD! But the...
  8. G

    [Spares] DTUK CRD-T Tuning Box for Mercedes C250 CDI

    Up for sale is my DTUK CRD-T Tuning Box for Mercedes C250 CDI http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271228886445 The box is extremely easy to fit with only 2 connections and really does boost the power and torque of the car. I was very impressed with the way the power is delivered when I fitted the...
  9. GAD Tuning LTD

    2013 C250 CDI remapping!!!

    Today at GAD we had a lovely brand new C250 CDI in for a economy map. Through our bespoke ECU remapping techniques we both improved power and economy while keeping power delivery extremely smooth and refined. We have worked on many 250 CDI lumps before and always forget how quiet they are on...

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