1. Z

    Mercedes W203 2002 C270 CDI thermostat change

    Hey guys, My Mercedes W203 2002 C270 is not getting to 90 degrees celcius, even after a long drive. I ordered a new mercedes thermostat but I have some questions before I get to changing it. Do i need to drain the coolant? Or can i just put a cloth beneath it? I read on different forums that...
  2. Benny Dub

    2003 C270 CDi performance upgrades

    Evening all - I'm now about 4 months back into Mercedes ownership - I sold my W208 a couple years ago but needing something a bit more economic, comfy and practical than my old MG I've got myself a 2003 W203 wagon, C270 CDi. I plan to get a bit more power out of it, and although was initially...
  3. M

    Hello and a Merc Electrical problem

    Hi there. Im a long term merc user thats never really had an issue with his car, a Merc C270 CDI Avantgarde with sports pack, 2003 (53) . Never posted on this forum or even visted much so I apologise in advance for jumping on asking for stuff! I have a major electrical issue as the car has...
  4. th3h1ghlander

    New member (newbie) looking for a W203

    Hi all, I am looking to be a first time C-Class owner, primarily looking for CDI C-Class W203 from £2-3k. I thought it would be great to join the community, get a few tips of what to look for and use my experience with the car I get to drive my contributions to the community. :cool: Any...
  5. S

    C270CDi: EGR disconnected; could Limp Mode be useful?

    Hi All Although I've been reading these forums for about 2 years, this is my first post. (I have another in mind: to put together ALL the info I've gathered on using the 5g gearbox. Because I wish I could have found all the info in one place). I've learned so much!!! Thanks, guys. eg: I...
  6. D

    W203 C270 exhaust clamp corroded

    Hi The MOT station has told me that "the exhaust clamp between the two boxes is corroded and needs replacing" but they think that it is a specialist MB clamp, due to the shape of it. They do not want to remove it and then find that their standard clamp does not fit. Can anyone please tell...
  7. renrutp76

    W203 C270cdi noise after turning off ignition

    for a couple of months, my C270CDI made a loud noise after turning off the ignition. The noise is difficult to describe, the only thing I can say is that it lasted for a couple of seconds, and got gradually quieter. Now the noise is barely noticeable, but I have traced it to a small filter at...
  8. F

    It is official, I screwed my c270cdi gearbox - HELP

    Hi everyone. Well, it is true... I just screwed the gearbox and I need help: The case: my gearbox, after get in the right temperature, was getting in limb/safe mode when you press the gas hard... Sometimes even slipping to neutral. So I checked in a mb scanner and it was a sensor in sensor...
  9. renrutp76

    W203 C270CDI Starting Problem

    Hi, Recently my C270 CDI estate developed a starting problem. Approx 4 months ago I replaced the fuel filter, and the fuel line between filter and HP pump due to brittle retaining clips. All seemed to be going well, up until a couple of weeks ago when the morning temperatures started to dip...
  10. M

    2005 / 53 C270 CDI - Running temp questions

    Hi First post i think on here. I have a question, maybe a simple one. Car - C270CDI auto saloon, 53plate New manifold fitted in March. Intermediate / Oil change Service done in June. The car is still running rough, now takes a few seconds to start after cranking it, whereas before it was...
  11. N

    2002 C270CDI AUTO gearbox in permanent limp home mode.

    Hi, Just bought a very nice C270 CDI Estate through the trade but the gearbox is not changing gears at all. It's permanently stuck (probably in second gear) in limp home mode, the tiptronic function doesn't work at all and I feel a jolt when shifting into drive or reverse. My scanner flags...
  12. Chrishazle

    W203 C270 Thermostat Change DIY

    Found Post #17 on this thread - I think it should be in the DIY to make it readily available. http://forums.mercedesclub.org.uk/showthread.php?t=42720&highlight=thermostat+change+w203&page=2

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