1. F

    Help please! Coolant leak

    Hi folks! I've had a coolant message coming up in my 06 W221 320cdi. I have topped it up hoping it just needed a top-up, after 10 miles message was back again, took the car for a quick inspection and was told "oh man if it's taking coolant you need a new engine" type thing... took it to...
  2. C

    C320 cdi OM642 sometimes loses boost

    Hi guys, new here and these forums have proved helpful for various jobs but I’m struggling to find the info I need. The issue is that I occasionally lose boost, sometimes cruising on cruise control, other times when accelerating hard to overtake and then the boost goes and I’m dead in the water...
  3. whitepawn

    Rattling ride

    Hi all - hope to get some advice on my ‘new’ 2005 C320 (approx. 131,500 mi, but regularly serviced over its life according to the book). I’ve had it for a couple of weeks and a few days ago it started developing a rattling sound from the front left (kind of sounds like it’s coming from around...
  4. whitepawn

    Hi all

    Hi all I just joined after buying my first Mercedes - a 2005 C320. I love it and hope to learn loads (without running into major trouble on the car). Best, Tom
  5. Mazin Bayoumi

    New to Mercedes

    Hi, I'm completely new to owning Mercedes, I've had mostly BMWs in the past but just bought a 2008 C320 and I'm a bit annoyed it's taken this long to discover how nice they are to drive. For the age it is in showroom condition and only has 47k on the clock. I'm not sure exactly the spec as some...
  6. Peter Broomfield

    W203 C320 M112 Spark Plug Suguestions

    Hi all, New to site, Mercedes ownership and looking for advice. What would you all sugguest for spark plugs??? Thanks in advance, Peter
  7. Peter Broomfield

    M112 Spark Plug Removal Tool

    Hi everyone! New to the site and Mercedes ownership (I've seen the light and come from the BMW darkside!!) Can anyone tell me where on earth i can buy the spark plug removal tool in this country?? All the places ive found are in the US and want more than the tool is worth in postage!!! Many...
  8. X

    Code P2616, bucking and loss of power

    Hi Week ago in my car fuel pipe under bonnet has been broken and fuel lade out over all engine so I replaced this pipe in MB service and cleaned whole engine. A few days ago (little later after fuel problems) I've repaired turbo actuator in my MB because car wasn't riding as well - had low power...
  9. C

    320 vs 350?

    I had a thought this morning, whether it would be worth chopping the A3 in now for something a leeetle bigger. It's a beautiful car, no doubt about it, lovely to drive, great performance if a little lacking in MPG over its Golf predecessor. But, reading various user posts on here I wondered if...
  10. A

    C320 Problems!

    Hi, I have a 2006 Mercedes C320 CDI Diesal, Auto with 90k on the clock. I have a few issues with it. Would greatly appreciated any advice people could offer! 1) Glow plug light comes back on for 1 min after starting. I have changed all the glow plugs and the glow plug control box. Any...
  11. H

    Advice needed - C320 CDI

    Evening guys and gals, Apologies if this is in the wrong place but I need a few pointers please on a car I'm looking at purchasing....namely a C320 CDi on an 05 plate at 135k miles... I'm in need of a motor that's going to be bullet proof, last a lot of miles and keep me entertained, all...
  12. W

    Glow plug control module

    Hi all, My new challenge for October seems to be a lovely fault code that states: "p0670 glow plug control module control circuit/open" A bit of background, I have a 2007 C320 CDI, all seems to be going well for now, starts fine, drives with no loss of power and no smoke or anything...
  13. W

    C63 wheels for my....diesel !

    Hi all, I know there have been lots of threads re: wheel fitments, and to those in the know sorry for asking again ! But, I have found a set of C63 replica wheels that I really want to treat myself to. I have a C320 CDI (57 Plate) which currently has standard 17" wheels. I'm not too sure...
  14. W

    Hello there!

    Hi all, I'm a committed car nut who has always loved Mercedes Benz. Recently bought my first one after our ageing daily hack 328i Touring gave up the ghost. Now the proud owner of a 2006 S203 C320 CDI Sport Edition with 7-G. I absolutely love it so far. Picture attached. Been lurking...
  15. W

    Roof bars C320 and W212

    Can anyone help, completely confused by Thule. I have roof bars from my old c320 and I can't see why Thule want me to buy the full kit [bars, fixing kit and feet] to fit my new W212. They imply I need a shorter bar for the W212 which is about 12.5cm wider than the C320. I was hoping that all...
  16. D

    ESP again

    Hi all 2000 c320 w203.064 Intermittent ESP light still playing up. Fault codes today point to esp lateral acceleration sensor. Garage and myself believe something else is causing this. Codes read c1142-001 b24/2 electrical fault c1142-004 b24/2 zero point variation c1142-016 b24/2...
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