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    Security issues

    After issue after issue I'm now wondering whether my CL600 is one of those bad luck cars. With the ongoing issue of the leaking roof, this morning I was presented with the latest issue. As I went out to my car I noticed the door locks were up, and then as I looked inside there were receipts all...
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    CL leaking window/roof

    A good source of knowledge and advice, I'm hoping you fellow forum members might be able to help me out again. When I bought my CL 12 months ago, there was a green mark on the suede roof lining. This is driver side over the right shoulder of the rear passenger seat, where the roof slopes down...
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    Jolty and delayed gear change

    Hi, I posted here a couple of months back regarding a new Transmission Control Unit fitted to my CL600. Following this, there was, and still remains a big difference in the drive of the car, with the cars drive almost feeling like it's being held back, with some sort of resistance on the...
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    CL600 Service

    As ever I return here for some impartial guidance, as opposed to the confusion that reigns and the far from impartial garages who seem to want my money! My CL600 is showing "Service B" required in 500 miles. I've called Mercedes, who tell me the service will be £408, and I've also called an...
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    CL600 Park Assist

    Hi, I'm hoping once again to tap into the wealth of knowledge available within the forum. My car, a 2007 CL600, has intermittently been acting strange; and in a rather dangerous and worrying way. When approaching traffic lights, a junction, or roundabout (slowing down basically), as I get to...
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    CL600 tyres

    After spending hour upon hour reading product and user reviews, given the feedback and assistance given here previously, I thought this would be the best place for the best advice. I'm currently in need of new rear tyres (275/35/ZR20) for my CL600. The current tyres are Continental Sport...
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    2002-CL55 AMG or-2000 CL600

    Hi, first time on here so please bare with me. I,ve always wanted a big Merc and I,m now luckily in a position to buy one, albeit an older one. I really need a LHD model as it's coming down to Spain with me and have found the choice to be limited. I,ve trawled around and found two, both with...
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    w216 cl 600

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a 2008 w216 CL 600, and was wondering whether you knew any information of any reliabilty issue that have been asscoiated with these cars. I have heard of a number of horror stories about the previous model CL's (starter motor coils, ECU, cylinders on one side not...
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