1. W

    Custom Coding Help Needed!

    Evening all, I’m on the hunt for a garage that does custom coding, I have a 2015 w205 and have just had the steering wheel and ambient lights from a 2019 installed into my car but need the coding done to make both work, also need to reset the reverse camera software as it seems to be glitching...
  2. A

    Hi, I need advice on engine Codes

    Hi guys. My first post here. Im Adam and I drive a C200 2010 which I’ve never had a problem with. Yesterday, after a drive no longer than 10 minutes, my engine warning light came on. I plugged an OBDII in and it gave 4 codes. P0045 P0688 P2602 P2006. I’m a little nervous to drive it. I will...
  3. Grotbag

    CLK - Cheap Code Reader?

    I have a 2005 CLK 200K. It is driving fine but the EML came on last week. I know nothing about engines but wanted to buy a very cheap code reader to get an idea of what the problem may be or to just reset the system. There are loads of cheap ones on Ebay but am not sure if they are compatible...
  4. I

    W207 intermitantly not starting

    Hi, I am new to this forum, so if I get something wrong please excuse until I get used to it. I am having alot of issues with a w207 3.2 which will very intermitantly not start, it seems to be worse in warmer weather. A full list of codes generated are listed below (Autocom software) Fuel (Fuel...
  5. Mickey76

    Fault code help needed!

    Hi Newbie here, my e300 has just failed an MOT on the ABS light, ASR & BAS light also on, had codes read (once I found someone who could actually get any codes out of it) c1307 -rr solenoid valve reduce pressure..... Anyone know what this is?? Can't find any info. Anything to do with the BAS...
  6. M

    w202 (1999 c180) Airbag Code reset -how ?

    I have replaced the drivers door and airbag. Now the airbag light stays on all the time. I gather I am meant to buy a coder unit to reset this. I had a look on eBay, but all the ones I could find had a small semi-rectangular plug but the car has a big round (~2") socket with about 30...
  7. E

    Radio Code W124 Exquisit

    Just got my W124 E280T back from the garage and the battery was disconnected so the Radio asks for a code. I got a little paper from the former owner but now this seems to be missing. Is there a way to get hold of the code again? The car chassis nr is WDB1240881F282204... Thanks in advance!

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