coil light

  1. J

    Starting issue

    Hi all I am new to the forum and was hoping for some guidance. I have got a 2003 110 cdi vito and it has got a hot start problem. When cold it starts fine every time but the glow plug light stays on for around 60 seconds. When warm it struggles and have to turn it over for a while and...
  2. L

    2001 C240 auto engine warning lamp, loss of power

    Recently the engine management orange warning lamp appeared on my dash and the car suffered an immediate loss of power. My local garage diagnosed a coil pack problem and replaced this to no effect. Their diagnostics suggested that the cyclinder bank 1,3 & 5 was showing a misfire and Cat...
  3. G

    Hi - New member first post !

    Hi Guys, I have purchased an E Class ! Always wanted one, Y plate 2001 - E220 CDI It seems that I may have purchased a pig in a poke ! Bought it with a years MOT and thought , how much can be wrong with it ? Apologies if this is the wrong section and if it is perhaps the admin...
  4. M

    Coil Light not coming on for about 30 seconds.

    Hello out there. I only recently bought my Vito and it's been great so far, i gather because the previous owner was a caring owner. Couple of things i need some advice on though please. 1) The coil light doesn't come on for about 30 seconds, it comes on straight away if i turn the engine on...
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