1. 7

    Lost communication with control panel

    Hi, I've just tried to rectify a poor LCD on the control panel by fitting a second hand one. Nothing worked, no fuel, speedometer, temp and LCD all dead. I refitted the old panel and same thing, it's gone from just let he LCD to everything not working.My code reader says "lost communication with...
  2. morphix

    W211 E270 CDI 2004 blows cool air when idling

    Hey there fellow drivers, so recently I have ran to this issue. To explain it as clear as possible, problem is that when car is standby (idling, not driving), heater blows cold air no matter what position it is in. When driving the car, all heater functions work as expected, hot air blows, but...
  3. S

    1992 308d T2, gear change linkage box (Commande Des Vitesses)

    Can anyone please point me in the direction of some infomation regarding the box located on top of the gear box between gear lever and tie rod links to gearbox. I only have a french copy of the manual and I am not finding much by my searches on google of anywhere else for that matter. I am...
  4. A

    Lower control arm W204

    I have an advisory on my recent MOT of excessive play on nearside front wheel. Mechanic says I need to replace the lower control. It turns out the lower control arm is actually in two parts, front and rear, so just replacing both. Does anyone have a description on how to do this? Do I need...
  5. Smaltze

    W210 E320 Hard limp mode strange cause

    I was working on my nearside electrics box and i took out the Gear box ECU control unit, part number a 030 545 20 32. I barely noticed when i first took it out i thought it was just a bit of oil on the wires. I tried to use the car later on and it was in hard limp mode, no shifting from 2nd...
  6. C

    Removing a W203 Mirror and Light Switch Console

    Make: Mercedes Model: C220 CDi Body Type: W203 Transmission: Automatic Part Number: Unknown The mirror, headlamp, fog lamp and headlamp level control switches are on the right of the dash board. This image shows the two independent modules this console is made up of. 1. Pull off the fuse box...
  7. R

    Intermittent Climate Control/Air Conditioning

    Hi there, I have a 1999 E320 (petrol) estate which has been displaying unusual behaviours from the climate control..... The fans seem to have a life of their own and their speed/performance bears no relation to the digital fan readout in the climate control unit. An example would be when...
  8. D

    Who rebuilds cruise control amplifiers?

    Having bought a reconditioned cruise control amplifier unit for an R107 (p/n 0035450732) I am the proud owner of my old broken unit. Does anyone know who can rebuild my own unit so that I have a spare? Resoldering it myself seems a bit pointless if I don't have the facility to test it.
  9. N

    Heater Control Unit - Fried

    When i had my alarm fitted there was a clicking behind dash in-front of the passengers seat. This went on for about 2 weeks before suddenly a lot of smoke appear from the heater control unit. The clicking stopped at that point and ever since the control for the heater has been broken. Part...
  10. P

    C-180 ABS and Cruise Inoperative

    My 1997 C Class 1.8 estate. The ABS dashbd warning light has come on and at the same time the Cruise Control went inoperative. I suspect the 2 are related as I googled another person with the same problem (but sadly I couldn't find the resolution). Can anyone help? I don't have any...

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