cooling system

  1. renrutp76

    W203 C270CDI Water Pump Problem

    Hi All, Having a slight problem with my water pump, noticed an unusual ticking noise. and shortly after failing to locate the fault, started to smell a slight whiff of hot coolant/antifreze. It seems to be running down the block from the water pump. I ordered one from ECP, and when I went to...
  2. W

    please help! oil in my coolant!

    Recently bought the wagon of my dreams, a 1995 e320 was amazing for about a week and then turned into a nightmare!!! With in two weeks, the wiper blade motor or switch went out completely stoped working (in the middle of rainy Oregon winter lol) then the ovp relay went out. Just replaced the...
  3. N

    w169 A-180 cooling fan on all the time

    Hi Hoping for some help, My A-180 has an issue with the cooling fan running all the time, car has been running fine no lights on dash but for the last week the cooling/aircon fan is running permanantly when the engine is running, switching the air con or off has no effect, and as the car...
  4. B

    Coolant System Warning Message (2nd try)

    Hi there, it's me again. Still with the same problem. I have a W220 S430 1999 model and a "Coolant System - Visit Workshop" warning message appears on my console dash and the temperature climbs up as high as 100c. I've asked the forum for advice a while ago and was advised to check the Fan Unit...
  5. D

    Cooling system question

    Hi, I need to replace the coolant in my engine but how many litres does the system hold? Just so i can buy the correct amount of antifreeze. Also does the system need bleeding? If so how is this done. Car runs at about 82 degrees on the temp gauge is this to cold? 1997 c200 w202.
  6. 6

    W124 320ce Engine operating Temp - What is normal?

    Hello all, I am a new member and have recently acquired a 1994 320ce and I am in the process of checking it out. I would appreciate some advice on engine operating temperatures and cooling. How stable should the temperature gauge be? On mine there seems to be some variation. It heats up very...
  7. T

    engine cooling system

    hi i have a p reg c200 and the water warning light comes on so i have checked the reservoir and there is a green cunk in the system, it has been fine since i have had it, clean water in the system and resevoir but i put the car in for a full service about 10 months ago and problems have started...

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