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  1. O

    Hunting cruise control on 2006 E280cdi

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone would have an idea what may be up with my fathers car... He recently had two new front tyres fitted and I noticed shortly after that when hi has the cruise control on the car was hunting around. I have now had a chance to have a drive myself and noted...
  2. T

    ML270 W163 Cruise Control

    Morning all, A little help please. My cruise control is not working on my 2002 ML 270 CDI. I've replaced the Brake light switch with new and checked all three brake lights are functioning. There are no tell-tale lights illuminated on the instrument cluster. Usually I've read that three...
  3. H

    Retrofit cruise control to A class 2001?

    Is it possible to retrofit cruise control to a 2001 Mercedes A Class 190? If it is, how can we get the parts and undertake the fitting? My partner has injured her knee and needs a cruise control and we don't really want to change the car. Thanks for your help
  4. J

    W124 E280 4 Spd Auto (Est), Cruise Control

    Mornin' all, Cruise control on my car has been U/S, since I got it back in October. It is next on my list to restore to working order. I will then only have 3 main issues, apart from a list of largely cosmetic cabin and trim parts, which I'll do gradually, (1) o/s heating & A/C issues (prob...
  5. D

    No brake lights/cruise control

    Hi, hope someone has a fix for this issue with my 2001 SLK320. Problem started with BAS/ASP warning light coming on when braking, it goes out when I switch off and start again. I then noticed Cruise wasn't working (it's OK if I start and run without touching brake pedal) I was then 'advised' by...
  6. delboyuk2508

    Cruise Control malfunction

    Hi I had a problem with my cruise control dropping out at speed, it would work fine and then all of a sudden I would find myself slowing down. It was suggested that the ESP was sensing that one wheel was going faster than the other due to 1 tyre being slightly more worn than the other which...
  7. H

    No ASR or BAS - Where to start?

    Out of the blue, as ever, the dash lit up with ASR and then BAS (skid control/cruise control), neither of which now work- but which have been faultless and used almost every day. Does anyone know of a simple place to start my process of elimination?
  8. O

    2005 A170 ESP and Tyre Pressure monitoring faults

    Hi, My A-Class 170 has a new issue. Two errors on the dash ESP and Tyre Pressure monitoring faults and the Cruise control is also not working. Funny thing is that the ABS is fine and I thought it would be the same sensor. Does anyone know where the sensors are for ESP?
  9. O

    W210 Cruise Control and BAS ASR promlem

    The BAS ASR warning lamp came on when I pressed the brake peddle and has remained on since, then when on the motorway I noticed the cruise control no longer works, however the limiter does....on startup I get BAS and ASR alerts I've checked all the fuses, any suggestions? Thx
  10. Onne

    Cruise control fault diagnoses W126

    Hello all, I have cruise control (tempomatic) fitted but sadly it doesn't work. Is there a way of finding which part is at fault before I start replacing things at random? It's on a 1990 W126 300SE I do have a spare of actuator, ecu/booster and stalk but rather go the intelligent way...
  11. W

    Cruise control problem

    I have an SLK 230 1997. It has done about 78,000 miles. My problem is that the cruise control cut off intermittently for no apparent reason. It switches on OK but after about 10 to 15 miles it cut off. It doesn't seem matter the speed set, weather conditions or road surface condition. It does...
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