1. S

    W210 300TD gearbox and diagnostic issues...

    First time posting, done some hunting and can’t find a definitive answer. I recently invested in a 1997 E300TD. When I test drove it it was jammed in second gear which I have since found out is limp mode. So I went and invested in a snap on adapter to fit the diagnostic port in the 210’s. No...
  2. M

    error code p000277

    I have an error code on my c250 cgi 1.8t, it is a p000277 'the commanded position cannot be reached' has a malfunction. the engine cut out twice in two different occasions, but the second time caused a management light.
  3. Strategicit

    Specialist Mercedes Auto Electrician Needed Near Bracknell/Farnborough

    Hi Everyone. I am desperately trying to find a good Mercedes Auto Electrician that really knows what he/she is doing? I have upgraded my steering wheel on my C Class 320 (2008) to a 2012 AMG steering wheel. The two steering wheels are not directly compatible so whilst my airbag, indicators...
  4. A

    Help with an AA diagnostic report!

    A few days ago I had a check engine light come up. I called the AA straight away and they came with in the hour. They plugged in and scanned the entire vehicle through the OBD port. The engineer said there was virtually nothing wrong with the engine and that it’s pretty much as healthy as could...
  5. D

    R170 SLK 2000 Face Lift

    Hi, I want to get some kind of diagnostic tool for the above SLK. I'm aware that this model and age might be before the current OBD2 and I'm not really sure what ports are available on the car and the sort of stuff I can do? Can anyone help? Dave
  6. G

    Mercedes E200 Transmission Diagnostic code

    Hi all I am looking for a bit of advice. I have a 60 Reg E200 which I bought second hand in November 2013. The first two services were at MB dealerships and the third was by the independent garage where I purchased it. It has done 36,000 miles. About 10 days ago an engine fault light came...

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