1. Tukka

    W115 Owners!!

    Im about to start on body restoration of my 1973 200D and was wondering if there are any other W115 owners within my area? Im in Ashbourne Derbyshire and would like to view any other cars for reference purposes and/or possible source of spares. Im looking for front bumper or just o/s...
  2. B

    central locking

    Hi, The passenger door on my CLK 240 doesn't open from the outside even though the lock is in the "up" position. Before i take the door panel off and look at the mechanism is there a known fault that would cause this ? (it opens fine from the inside handle?
  3. D

    Lost power to drivers door (RHS) W203 C180

    Hi all, I seem to have lost power to the drivers door, first I thought is was the window switch but when I tried to lock the doors I noticed that the drivers door wouldn't lock also. This leads me to think I have total power loss in the door, any thoughts or suggestions would be...
  4. O

    Name & Part number required - Please!

    Evening one and all! The photo shows the N/side rear door, more importantly, the arrows are pointing to the seal that sits on the underside of the door - It is not the door (interior) seal. As you can probably tell, its not in good condition & needs replacing as does the O/side. Can anyone...
  5. O

    W202 Rear Door - "Lower weather" Seals - For want of a better term...

    Morning All, Wasn't exactly sure what to call these things.... Anyway, they are the V Shaped rubber seals at the bottom of each door. I need to replace them & cannot for the life of me think or find what they are called. I can't use MB to have the corrosion looked at under thier warranty as...
  6. M

    [Spares] 300TE W124 Front Wing and 2 driver's side Doors

    I don't think the front or rear doors or wing were specific to the estate and would probably fit a saloon too, but I know the doors wouldn't fit a coupe - but the front wing might well. These were bought for a project about 5 years ago that never got off the ground. They are original MB...
  7. E

    The use of Infrared Key...

    Hello. I am the proud owner of a W124 E280 T and it came with 3 original Infrared Keys. My only question is why MB decided to introduce this Infrared method as opposed to a normal Remote Controlled Key. I notice that it's handy but at the same time annoying, for instance when I wanna use the...
  8. A

    Help please - model code & door shapes?

    I'm confused about my car's model code. I have a 1999 mercedes 250td estate & always thought it was a t202 model, but rarely find parts on ebay under that code & also, have seen other codes for the estate, eg s202 if memory serves correct. Which should it be? also, I need a new o/s/r...

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