1. indavec

    I have some problems. E350 2010 V6 212

    627400 The buffer battery has a malfunction. 0522 The charge movement flap (cylinder bank 1) has a malfunction. 2177 The power supply at the input of the control unit ''combustion engine'' has a sporadic malfunction. Use a scanner launch 129X
  2. shankar

    E350e Charging Issues

    Hi There, I have been driving my E350e for the past 5 days and noticed that the battery charge gets depleted very quickly when I drive on the ECO and Comfort modes. Eg. I charged the battery to 100% and then switched on the ignition on the ECO mode and within 30 mins the charge dropped to 80%...
  3. shankar

    E350e Home charging cable

    Hi There, I am a new owner to the E350e plugin hybrid club. The 3 pin charger is not long enough to each my car. Is there any extension I can buy to extend the charging cable or do I need to need to buy a new longer one? If yes, could someone point me to the right place pls?
  4. A

    Mercedes E350 BRABUS upgrade 3.0L Couple

    Hi All, im wondering if you could point me in the right direction. ive recently acquired a Mercedes E350 3.0L Couple 59 Plate with 103k miles which has had a factory Brabus upgrade which includes engine re-mapped, quad stainless steel exhaust system, rear carbon fibre diffuser, Monroe...
  5. K

    Need help Codes p0175 p0172 w212

    I had this e350 engine light come up reading p0175 system too rich bank 2 P0172 bank 1 Took to a mechanic. He though he fixed it when he found a broken throttle lever actuator in the intake manifold. Sadly still the same codes. I decided to take the car back as is because I could see this guy...
  6. M

    E350 - whistle sound on cold start

    I've only been taking the car for a drive in the late afternoon, it's the first start of the day and I've noticed a whistle, doesn't sound like a belt. It's after a gentle 200m drive down the street to the junction. After the car has been parked up for an hour while I do some shopping or go...
  7. R

    E350 engine change

    Hi I’ve changed the engine on my friends e350. om642 ive got a fault coming up with cam sensor hall b6/1 I’ve check the wires and scoped the sensor and all is looking ok. But the car struggles to start and goes into limp mode. I’m wounded does anyone know if I would need the ecu of the...
  8. idlerider

    Exhaust options?

    W211T-E350 petrol - needs replacement system (or a good part of it). The only option I can find is from MB - at astronomic cost. Does anyone know of an alternative?
  9. S

    Weird drivetrain movement

    Hello I have a 2011 E350 and im facing a weird problem If i put the car in Park or Neutral and rev the engine, the drivetrain will make a weird clunk and thump when the rpm is going back down I changed the engine and transmission mounts and the clunk reduced but did not go away. The mechanic...
  10. M7JDP

    E350 Saloon w212 2010 Bluetooth

    I have recently changed to a w212 e350 with comand and I can only get the Bluetooth to work with the phone for telephone calls on my iPhone 7. I was wondering if there was a way to upgrade the system or change some settings to enable audio to stream. Many thanks in advance John
  11. K

    E350 CDI Mods? new here

    Hi all been an interested reader here for a while without contributing so far.... I bought a 61 plate black E350 (W212 265) just over two years ago and I have to say it's been great. First merc I've owned and I don't think I'd want anything else now. Plans for a newer MB have been...
  12. Alex240

    Merc & iPhone pairing solution.

    Okay, so I just wanted to write this down just in case anybody else's been looking for a solution, because I know how much of a problem it's been for me to find an answer. I'm using an iPhone 6s Plus. And the Mercedes is a 2010 w212 e350. If you are trying to pair your iPhone with your...
  13. Alex240

    W212 E350 AMG. Hard suspension?

    So another possibility for a new car has popped up. It looks beautiful in my view, black is always a winning colour for me, and it looks to be in great condition. It's an E350, exactly what I want. The only thing is, it is an AMG What exactly should I expect from this car due to the AMG...
  14. N

    E350 Contaminated diesel Silvertown East London

    I was driving along last Monday in my lovely E350 Coupe when it went into limp mode and the orange engine warning light came on. I took it into my local Mercedes garage, who carried out a diagnostics test. Mercedes phoned me on the Tuesday to inform me that the diagnostics and subsequent...
  15. W

    2010 W212 E350 Front Indicator Fused - Help!!!

    Hello, I have a 2010 E350 W212, I have xenon headlamps. The other day I got a message saying my front left indicator bulb had gone, I had a look and it stopped working. Now, I'm trying to replace it but have no idea how to locate the bulb... I see they are LED indicators and not your...
  16. F

    Clicking noise coming from back left of engine

    So I've got a 59 plate e350 cgi and there is some sort of clicking noise coming from the back top left of the engine (Drivers side) was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what it could be. When i start it up it sounds normal then after about 5 seconds you can hear the noise. I've put a...
  17. H

    E350 - Gear Stick Issue & 1L Oil Top Up?

    Hi, This is my first post, so apologies in advance for any errors or lack of information. I have a 2005 E350 7G Gearbox. Car has done 45k miles serviced etc. The car has recently stuck in 3rd gear. This was after a period of time, so car had warmed up. Tried to upshift and downshift...

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