1. L

    Electrical Noise Feedback

    Hello, i'm getting a constant electrical noise coming from the driver side of my car,i thought it was the accelerator at first because it changes frequency when pressed but it also happens when stationary and in Park. Its been back in the garage i bought it from three times for various...
  2. D

    Mercedes CLA lightbulbs

    Does anyone know where is best to buy Mercedes CLA lightbulbs, both daylight and headlight bulbs. The lights have become extremely dim on my car. I am looking for the white light bulbs. I was told to stay away from LED bulbs as this can mess with the cars computer as it can think the car has a...
  3. Kallanberg

    Rear Window

    Noticed the rear window seems to be getting stuck when going back up. Is this the sign of a serious fault I wonder. What if the window switch no longer works. The rear right window only appears to struggle going up not down. Has this happened to anyone else?

    Rear indicator lights are stuck on

    2005 sl350. My rear indicator lights are always on. Even when the car is turned off. Sometimes the drivers side brake light flashes too. I have to disconnect the boot battery to turn the lights off. Background is my PSE died and boot and roof was stuck open for 2 weeks with a tarp over the car...
  5. S

    SL 350 battery light on dash - can anyone help??

    Battery light came on today and I’ve checked both batteries and they’re all okay, although rear battery alternator is charging but isn’t charging the front battery. I have checked F52 fuse in passenger footwell and that’s all okay. Any ideas how to fix this? Is there a fuse or relay that you...
  6. Strategicit

    Specialist Mercedes Auto Electrician Needed Near Bracknell/Farnborough

    Hi Everyone. I am desperately trying to find a good Mercedes Auto Electrician that really knows what he/she is doing? I have upgraded my steering wheel on my C Class 320 (2008) to a 2012 AMG steering wheel. The two steering wheels are not directly compatible so whilst my airbag, indicators...
  7. P

    A180 rear light cluster

    Was hoping to get some advice if possible. My wife brought our 2014 A180 CDI home earlier today and it appears the driver side brake light has failed. I removed the light cluster and lamp holder only to find that it seemed impossible to remove the faulty bulb from the holder and replace...
  8. idlerider

    W211 electric woes

    Recently purchased E350 wagon which has, I suspect, been sitting on forecourts for some time. Various items not working and I'm wondering if some of them might be down to a single component. Things not functioning include: Exterior mirrors (not folding) Interior lights Sunroof Panel lighting -...
  9. MackScania

    w209 2002 CLK270 Delivery / Primer Pump? Failure

    Hi All! I've managed to get myself into a bit of a pickle and would appreciate some help and advice if anyone is able! The cars been in my possession for about 7 months now and It's never really managed to get to operating temperature and I've suspected the likely culprit is the thermostat...
  10. N

    W202 c250D electric windows only work with doors or boot open.

    Hello, Hope someone can help? Windows and sunroof will only work when either doors or boot are open. I recently changed the comfort control module in the boot as I found it in a terrible state when changing the battery. Thought this would sort it but no luck. Car is a w202.125 c250d...
  11. M

    Has jump starting my car fried the electrics?

    Hi all I have a 2000 CLK 320 Auto Convertible that suddenly wouldn't start last week. I decided it might be a flat battery so I tried jump starting it from my wifes car. I DEFINITELY connected the jump leads red to red and black to black but after about 30 seconds the heavy duty jump leads...
  12. G

    Brake lights won’t turn off

    Someone driving behind me today told me my brake lights weren’t turning off. When I turn on the ignition they’re on, and they stay on whilst I’m driving even when I’m not touching the brake pedal. I took it to a mechanic and he replaced the switch which didn’t fix the problem. After playing...
  13. D

    Sometimes car wont start, ESP inoperative

    Hi everyone, I have a strange problem with my W212 E-Class, this happens more in the cold but still happens from time to time even when its warm. If I go to start the engine, nothing happens and the computer tells me that the ESP is inopoerative and that the run flat indicator is inactive, I...
  14. I

    Wing mirrors facing the wrong way

    Hi everyone, I trust you all had a good Xmas and new year! I've had my Mercedes c class coupe for 3 weeks now and I'm loving it, although I did have a potential issue this morning . . . . When I went to my frosty car this morning the wing mirrors were facing the wrong way, instead of...
  15. T

    W124 E200 1995 failed central locking and windows query

    Hi all, posted the query in the intro section but adding it here in case anyone with w124 experience sees it. On the above car the central locking and windows suddenly went - started with windows randomly winding themselves down when parked; it has ended with no central locking working, windows...
  16. O

    Towbar Electrics to vehicle loom W210

    I've fitted the Towbar connected the multiplex by-pass relay to the towbar connector I now need to connect stop,tail & turn from vehicle loom to by-pass relay. Wires in loom are colour coded so presumably there is a wiring diagram which identifies these colour codes, any offers or advice...
  17. B

    2009, C180, is it Fuse or stalk or whatever else that has failed?

    Hi, Our trusty Merc started showing left front lamp message intermittently. Then it sorted itself out. Lights were left on Auto mode 2 days ago and got a call from neighbour that right front light is ON!! By tHd time I reached home the battery was down. Left it overnight. Jumpstart in the...
  18. A

    Xeon headlamp not working after flood

    Hi all, I recently had to drive through flood water in my C220 CDI where the left side of my bonnet submerged. Now my inteli lights are not working as the left headlamp does not work. I replaced the xenon bulb but it still doesn't work. I've tried drying everything out and it's been a week now...
  19. M

    Total Electrical outage - intermittent

    I have searched the forums for W211 and can't find this issue mentioned. I have a 56 plate W211 320cdi Sport Edition saloon with 55,000 miles on the clock and I do 60 miles a day commuting plus business miles - about 20,000 annual so it is regularly used and serviced. Three or four times I...
  20. M

    Another Sucker

    Hello all, Just a note to introduce myself as a new member of the forum. Joined predominantly to try to find some help with the most unreliable car I have ever owned - a 56 plate 55,000 mile E-class W211. Had it six, months and has had Turbo, rear springs, rear discs, front discs, two...

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