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    1998 E55 cuts out after start... Restarts fine Runs Ace

    Well the title sums it up really 1998 E55 cuts out after start... Restarts fine Runs Ace So every 3rd time or so, I start the car from sitting - warm or cold - it will cut out. It can immediately be restarted and there are no other symptoms of any issue It surges down the road just fine...
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    C180 Engine Control Unit

    The Engine Diagnostic Indicator of my C180 Kompressor/Blue Efficiency came on a couple of days ago. I went to a garage. The mechanic checked but found no problem. He reset it and said that if it came on again, it could be an indication the engine control unit might be faulty. That would be an...
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    SLK 350 (R171) engine management light / secondary air injection pump

    Hi. Approx 18-24 months ago my engine management light kept coming on with a secondary air injection fault. The independent Merc garage I took it to tried replacing a relay and did some other checks but eventually replaced the pump which sorted it for a while. Last autumn there was a fault...
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    C230 Coupe 2002 engine ind lamp & rough ride

    When accelerating in my auto the engine hickuped ane the engine diagnosis lamp came on, then the car started to run roughly. I stopped car and the engine was idling very unevenly. Swathed engine off then back on and it was fine, seemed to reset itself though the light stayed on. But if I...
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