fuel consumption

  1. S

    2013 E220 CDI poor fuel comsumption

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a 63 plate E220 CDI. But I think, I'm getting very low mileage. Could you guys have a look and see is this normal or something is wrong. Usually when I'm driving locally, like schools, gym, work. I get very low at around 20mpg. But when I'm driving in around...
  2. G

    New member and cars

    Seems I am a one marque owner, I get drawn to Mercedes because of mainly the reliability but recently because of the style. I have a E350 (W212) for work, a Vito 115 for work and just purchased a SL350 (R230) for pleasure. Would love to have a 280Se (W108) but the prices are just too high now...
  3. G

    Maf sensor problem

    I have recently replaced the maf sensor, the car worked fine for about 10 miles then started running bad again, when i unplug the maf sensor it makes no difference to the idle of the engine, does this mean its the maf again or does mean there is a different problem, the engine struggles and...
  4. M

    S-class 320cdi L 2007 change MPG to L/KM on display

    Hello members, I recently bought a S-class 320cdi L and i want to change the fuel consumption from MPG to LKM on the main display. I was looking for it in the menus but I couldn't find it... Can someone please advise me on this? Will be very happy if someone can help with this minor issue...
  5. F

    w210 2001 display shows L/1KM not L/100km HELP

    Guys, I have tried locating the topic on the forum without success. I have got a 2001 E200K Elegance - beautiful machine indeed. I keep seeing people with same age cars on the forums with displays showing their fuel consumption as say 6.8L/100KM where mine says say 8KM/L. This is really...
  6. W

    MB W211 220CDI Fuel return issues

    I have a MB W211 E220 CDI 2004 and recently I had a problem with the lift pump in the sending unit that stopped working. I replaced for a new pump and everything was working correctly. For some time now, I noticed that the dashboard said there was 1/4 fuel, but the car don't start. I...
  7. JensH

    W124 E280 4 Speed Auto (Estate) - Fuel Consumption?

    Hi all, I have a '95 model with 135k on the clock. Generally good condition. I have poor fuel consumption. Over about 1,300 miles I am getting this (mpg (UK Imperial)): Average: 18.73 Best: 20.75 Worst: 15:55 (although that was before a full maintenance service) The MB data in the...
  8. A

    Reserve fuel? Do I have any

    Hi guys new to this forum Just got a 1999 E200 petrol classic, put £20 in yesterday and today the fuel light has come on but this light is just below the 1/4 full line, does this mean I have reserve fuel? We haven't done many miles since yesterday I await a response Andy :)
  9. B

    C200 Blue efficiency 2010 reg 21mpg???

    Can any one help please. I have recently bought a 2010 C200 Blue efficiency diesel estate car and its doing 21 mpg ! ! Any ideas? Thanks
  10. M

    How accurate is your dash computer?

    Just bought a New (to me) CLK. Got a few things that need sorting on it - which I'll post in the relevant sections. Photos to follow once I have sorted a few minor cosmetics on it (missing wheel badges etc). HOWEVER - I have now just used up the first tank of fuel bringing it home and a...
  11. M

    CLK 200 Valve Oil Seals

    Hoping someone can offer some advice.... I noticed over the last while that my 2006 CLK200 was getting a bit heavy on fuel so took it back to the independent dealer i bought it from. After running his diagnostics he said lambda sensor reading was wrong at high idle and that they would get...

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