gear problems

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    Indicators Problems

    I have been having problem with what I thought was the battery. I was told it is the battery, not realizing the car has two battery's. Problems CD going blank whilst driving comes back on after a second or two. Air conditioner doing the same. Gear stuck in first, everything is fine then bam...
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    W212 (E250 petrol) Gearbox Jerk

    Hi all, W212, 2013, 7G+, E250, petrol, 38k mileage.... Sometimes (say 3 out of 10 times) there's a slight jerk when shifting from 1>2 and 2>3, the rest of the upshifts are very smooth. Also, sometimes (say 1 out of 10 times) there's also a slight jerk when downshifting and coming to a stop. I...
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    C200T strange electrical/automatic gearbox faults

    I have strange intermittent (and presumably related) faults on my C200T estate automatic (2000): 1. Sometimes the car works fine. 2. Sometimes the ABS and ESP warning lights come on together, on startup or during journey, but car otherwise works fine. 3. Sometimes this goes on to major...
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    Clunky gearbox :(

    Hi, Am new to this so first of all, hi all!! I'm hoping some of you Merc boffins may be able to help. I recently bought a Merc 2000 plate A160. Usually when buying a car I'm very meticulous but was having an off day and have been stung by not doing the correct checks. Firstly I've recently...
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    A little problem..any opinion welcome!

    My 2006 (56) c220 cdi auto has 51,000 miles, all services upto from the dealer and no problems until yesterday. Driving home and after 5 miles I noticed the revs when i took my foot off the accelerator dropped sharp to idle speed at around 40 mph, I didn't really notice much else but thought...
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    Problems getting into 1st and reverse

    I have a '05 C200 manual 6speed Diesel Mercedes. Lately i have had trouble getting it into 1st gear and reverse. It is very stiff and feels as if i am forcing it in. This happens more so when the engine is cold. After about 5-10 miles it isnt really a problem until about 4-5hours later. (The car...
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    Gear problems

    One quick question: I gave my car (mercedes compressor 200) for washing, inside out, and after that, NO GEAR WORKS. I can only use the first gear... Any idea how i could fix it?? :confused:
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    ML 320cdi gearbox problem

    Hi all, This is my first time on your forum and I hope someone can help me? We have a 2006 ml320cdi. At the weekend my wife had to get the car recovered and sent to the nearest MB garage as the car would not shift from 2nd to 3rd gear. The garage did locate a computer fault and for £200 they...
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    Problems with Auto gear change when cold

    I have just aquired a 1998 C200 petrol - when starting and moving off from cold the auto box will not change up from gear 3 until driving approximately 1mile. Has anyone else had this problem - any advice would be appreciated What is the best place to purchase an autobox dip stick and...
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    Mercedes A140, Slow Pickup In First, Id Wants £1200?

    Hi Everyone, I am wondering if anyone could offer me any advice at all, I have a A140 automatic, Its pick ups slow in first gear and very slowly on a steep hill. On a level road releasing the brake it will move forward itself. Other gears to work fine. I went to a ID, this is what he told me...

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