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    2013 C220d glow plug module location

    Hi All, I really apologise if this has been asked before but i've done lots of searching and cant find anything close to my year. I have a 2013 C220d with 68k mileage which I love. However on the odd occasion recently the glow plug light has been staying on for a minute or so then going out...
  2. L

    C220 CDI glow plug light comes on but glow plugs are fine

    Hi everyone, I bought a 2006 c220 CDI the other day, and I'm doing a couple of jobs on it to get it back into shape (going for a transmission service tomorrow too) The glow plug light comes on every now and then for a while after starting, so I checked the glow plugs with the multimeter and they...
  3. J

    Pre-Glow Instrument Cluster Light

    Hi, My A180d Sport Pre-Glow light appeared on the dash and has stayed on for every journey I’ve made in the last week. I took my car to an independent garage this morning and they’ve run some diagnostics for me and said that the error is showing as an internal electrical fault with one of the...
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    Glow plugs.

    Hi all. I have just replaced all 4 glow plugs on my 2008 C220 estate. The preheat light comes on when you put the key in the ignition as usual and goes out after a second or so, but now the preheat light comes back on and stays on for a minute then goes out. It never did it before I changed the...
  5. J

    Starting issue

    Hi all I am new to the forum and was hoping for some guidance. I have got a 2003 110 cdi vito and it has got a hot start problem. When cold it starts fine every time but the glow plug light stays on for around 60 seconds. When warm it struggles and have to turn it over for a while and...
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    Issue with W204 2008 C220 CDI Glow Plugs.....Help!

    Hi folks, I have a 2008 C220 CDI, last month a glow plug light came on during a cold start(stayed on for approx. 1 minute after driving away) and I changed all 4 glow plugs(to Lucas), however since then during a cold start, the light is staying on for the same amount of time. I put a diagnostic...
  7. A

    C320 Problems!

    Hi, I have a 2006 Mercedes C320 CDI Diesal, Auto with 90k on the clock. I have a few issues with it. Would greatly appreciated any advice people could offer! 1) Glow plug light comes back on for 1 min after starting. I have changed all the glow plugs and the glow plug control box. Any...
  8. W

    Glow plug control module

    Hi all, My new challenge for October seems to be a lovely fault code that states: "p0670 glow plug control module control circuit/open" A bit of background, I have a 2007 C320 CDI, all seems to be going well for now, starts fine, drives with no loss of power and no smoke or anything...
  9. M

    Intermittent starting problem

    Hi all. Im new to the site and have read on here and other forums peoples posts about the same issue I have with my 2007 311cdi sprinter. But nobody has ever posted a solution when they find out what the issue is. It seems a common fault so surely there is a common solution??? ( or am I being...
  10. A

    Which is No3 Cylinder

    Hello, I need to change the No3. glow plug on an E280 '07 plate. Can anyone tell ,me which is the No.3 cylinder and do i need any special tools Thanks
  11. S

    glow plugs stuck / loose on 95 E300D help

    Hello, While changing my deteriorated glow plug wiring harness on my 95 E300D 606 engine (132k) I decided to change the glow plugs (unknown when last done). I soaked the glow plugs in penetrating oil for hours and carefully tried to loosen each one. The first 3 didn't budge so I left them...

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