1. L

    Changing the heater matrix

    Hi has anyone had any experience of changing the heater matrix on a 2008 311cdi sprinter. The dash has been removed and can see where it is but not sure how to get to it. Any help or details of how to do this would be great
  2. Smaltze

    W210 duo valve quick bodge fix

    Hi all, My duo valve has failed, it only blows hot. The umbrella things have broken and one is lost. I believe that the source of the problem though don't know for sure. I am taking the car abroad in a couple of days (yes I know it was silly to leave it until until now but I've been too...
  3. TechnoWhizz

    HELP - frozen my bits off tonight W163 no heat

    W163 2003 ML500 Hi All, Just managed to get home tonight at -1 in the cab and seemingly no heat from the vents. All the aircon "seems" to be working. Lights are on, fan is working fine but no heat. Car is coming upto temp and is running fine. I just wish it had a defrosting windscreen! HRW...
  4. J

    W124 E280 Auto (Est), HRW, External Temp Gauge, Heating

    Hi all, I wonder if some W124 gurus could help me with these (on a facelift model): 1 HRW, I have condensation and rear window demister problems. Condensation has improved with a clear out of both rear side wells, both of which had the little 3 hole air vents obstructed by previous owner...
  5. C

    Heater problems

    Make: Mercedes Model: C220 CDI Transmission: Auto Fuel: Diesel Body type: W203 Year: 2001 Hi Guys. I fix one issue, and then something else comes up. Anyway, I recently had an issue with the car going into limp mode. On initial investigation i removed and cleaned the EGR valve, then finally...
  6. J

    Heater Blower Problem

    Another problem with my W220, :shock::mad: When I turn the heater blower on you can hear the air blowing but only a tiny amount of air is coming out of the vents as though there is a pipe not joined up, you can hear the noise of the air blowing it seems to be coming from the passenger side...
  7. T

    E320CDI (2003) No Heating

    I recently had a flat battery and managed to jump start the car - according to the handbook of course. The car is running fine except I now have no heating any longer. The car warms up to normal temperature and even after a 200 mile drive the heater is still only luke-warm. The local MB dealer...
  8. M

    Sprinter 311 CDI Heater Problems

    Hello. I am having some issues with my 2002 LWB Sprinter 311 CDI at 160k miles. Basically the cab heating will only work when the engine is running at over 1000 rpm, at idle it just blows cold air. Even when coasting it just blows cold. I am also concerned about the pressure in the...
  9. E

    A/C Heater blower works only sometimes...

    The heater blower of my W124 E280 T works at times. Sometimes it doesn't work at all, but then when I turn off the ignition switch and back on again it blows fine (mostly on max speed). I have the EC type of heating so there is only a slow and fast mode and a button for AUTOMATIC mode. When it...

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