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    E300 Hybrid - don't buy it for the mpg

    For anyone thinking of buying an E300 hybrid, I would think that the real-world mpg might be the deciding factor. The official figures are 65mpg+, but obviously that is not going to be achievable with normal driving. I do a lot of miles on hilly B roads, interspersed with a few longer...
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    E300 Hybrid Reliability Issues

    Hi, Apologies if this post has been covered before, but I am a new member and I couldn't see a search facility on the forums. My new E300 Hybrid finally arrived two days ago, after a 14 week wait, and I was thrilled with it right up to the point where it broke down yesterday!! I had left...
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    New (2014) E300 Hybrid - SOS Inoperative

    Hello, I've just joined this forum as I've been lucky enough to just take delivery of my new E300 Hybrid (UK model). I'm really pleased with it although I have one small issue - it is coming up with a message "SOS Inoperative". It does not have (or I cannot find) any SOS button etc....... does...
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    can I add extra lithium batteries to my new merc E300 hybrid?

    Hi, just ordered car and was wondering if I could pay someone to install say 10 extra batteries in boot and connect them in parallel to existing lithium battery to extend range of electric only driving the 8 miles to work each day. In theory I could then install chargers at home and work and...
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