1. R

    Mercedes c350e malfunction

    Hi I am having this issue with malfunction and 2gearwheels. The engine is not going back to hybrid…I did changed the starter motor and it worked for few miles, but then started again the same issue. Shall I change the starter relay? Looks like is loosing a connection or somethin..
  2. Puddler

    Hybrid Issue

    Hi all, New to Mercedes and the forum. Recently purchased a 2015 300h 2.1diesel Sport Estate and have an issue with the hybrid. Firstly, “coasting mode” (I’ve just learned this phrase) where the car engine drops in/out, is this switchable by accident? By this, when switching on the ignition, do...
  3. S

    E300e 2021 Battery Problems

    Hello everyone, Recently purchased the new E300e Hybrid. This morning when I tried to charge my car the following errors came up and I can't charge it. Also, before these errors came up, every morning when I would start the car there would be a weird vibration coming from the engine that I...
  4. A

    Mercedes Benz c class 350e - Malfunction in red color

    Mercedes benz c class 350 e 2016 model is not starting - it has malfunction with battery symbol and towing not permitted … Its been only couple of months I got the vehicle from dealer
  5. C

    C350e help car will start in hybrid mode but won’t go back

    Hi all new here I drive a 2016/66 plate c350e I baught the car a while back and since this problem has occurred it will start and drive in hybrid / e mode no problem but as soon as petrol engine kicks in I get malfunction warning and car will not go back into hybrid mode on diagnostic it sais...
  6. M

    C300e or c300dh

    I’ve tried researching but honestly can’t find any main difference between the c300dh and the c300e other than one being a diesel and other petrol. the car will mainly be used for local runs, but will also have the occasional long journey. Around 8k miles a year approx. Which one would you...
  7. R

    Mercedes c300h 15 playe

    I have a c300h hybrid car. I had a problem with it before as well that i rarely went to the batteries and stayed mostly on the engine. I got it fixed from Mercedes, they said it needed a software update. After some time i got a letter from Mercedes for a recall and when i got my car back it...
  8. M

    C300h remap?

    Hello all Just bought a 2015 C300h Hybrid estate. Can this be remapped and is it worth it? Has anyone else done this? Thanks
  9. Peloqu1n

    Wireless rear camera

    Hi all Just looking for some advice, has anyone installed a wireless camera setup as per the attached screenshot. I have a 63 plate w212 e300 hybrid Any hints,tips, advice is greatly appreciated Regards Peter
  10. O

    C Class e350 Hybrid

    Hello all. I have the above model, and was looking to see if anyone (with any Merc Hybrid) has had experience of the charging flap on the back bumper being stuck shut. I’ve tried various solutions found online - lock/unlock with key, WD40, nothing works, resolutely stuck. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  11. T

    Hybrid: How to disable pre-entry climate control?

    I have a c350e. Does anyone know how I stop the car automatically turning on the heating every time I unlock it with my key fob? Every time I go to unplug the charging cable, I unlock the car and it's starts heating up using up my precious battery juice. Any clues? On the Mercedes Me portal...
  12. M

    Issue with 2014 E300 Hybrid (W212)

    I recently bought a used E300 Hybrid (W212) from 2014 from an official Mercedes dealer. The car is awesome and great fun to drive but the hybrid features have only worked for a few days right after I bought it and have not worked since. By "hybrid features" I mean the engine turning off when you...
  13. J


    Hi, I have a 350E and when I disconnect from charging it starts the heater fan and the heated seats. Is this normal ?
  14. T

    My first Benz

    Hi everyone, It’s great to be a member of the club. I picked up my first MB last weekend - a C350e premium plus. What a joy. What a beauty. (What a beast!) I’m city based and already seeing the advantages though I have to wait 7-10 days for my charge card before I can plug it in daily.
  15. J

    C350e hybrid battery charge

    I have a 350e hybrid. Most times when I charge the battery using a normal 13 Amp socket, the charging stops at around 13 miles stored. Occasionally I have seen this figure up at 18 miles. Does any one know why there is this difference? And How can I ensure maximum battery charge every time...
  16. Nick Richardson

    Hi, thanks for adding me to the forum..

    Hi, I have been a mercedes owner for many years. Currently driving an E300 Hybrid Estate, a model which I note is now discontinued. Wonderful for long trips, especially as I don't have to refill the tank that often.......Bliss!
  17. B

    C class 350e

    hi just joined off to look at 2016 C350e this Friday has anyone had any experience either good or bad and how about mpg Any heads up will be most useful Thanks
  18. T

    E300 Hybrid battery malfunction

    Good evening, First of all, apologies if this is in the wrong place as I am very new to the forum. To cut things short, I have a Mercedes e300 hybrid bluetec. It's a 63 plate and I've had it for 4 months and 2 months out of those were brilliant. The problems started around 2 months ago. The...
  19. P

    E300 Hybrid System not engaging

    I wonder if I can ask other E300 owners if they have experienced a similar issue to me with the Hybrid system of their cars. I have a 2014MY E300 with around 40K miles. I'm used to the Hybrid engaging right from the off, with sometimes a small lag which I assume - in cold weather - allows the...
  20. M

    C class plug in delay

    I ordered the new c class plug in hybrid estate some 4 months ago and expected delivery next week. The York dealer tells me there are problems with the battery for this model and says the car will probably not come until February now. Does anyone have any info on this problem ?

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