1. ChrisKnottIns

    Dashcam Competition

    Hello everyone! We hope you are all having a good start to the year. Feeling lucky? You could be in with the chance of winning a state-of-the-art dashcam combo worth more than £129 by simply requesting a motor insurance quote for a vehicle we don't yet insure. Terms apply. »...
  2. ChrisKnottIns

    UK Breakdown Offer - December 2021

    Hi everyone, Just a quick reminder that our breakdown offer runs until the end of the year. If winter has you worrying about safe travel, you may be considering breakdown cover to protect your cars. To help, we're offering 12 months' comprehensive UK Breakdown Cover at the reduced price of...
  3. D

    2019 AMG A35 insurance

    Hi guys, i am new to this forum. Bought an AMG A35 yesterday and collect next week, need decent insurance. Currwently use Chris Knott having had a SLK 4 years ago and reading they were good but my quots from them is £601 which is £120 more than the comparison sites. Are there any godd...
  4. belongabob

    Insurance and deceased driver

    Just a word of caution. My dear wife passed away in late November, one of the list of tasks to complete was to take her name off of my RAC insurance. After doing this online through their web portal my premium (monthly) went up by just over £11 pm. I tried to query this with online chat -...
  5. Altamar

    Any REAL insurance discount available if I fit a Tracker?

    Hi all. I am thinking of fitting a Tracker to the SL but they really aren't cheap. £400 installation plus £200 for a year's subscription. Probably worth the expense if it's ever stolen and quickly recovered but... Does anyone have any experience of getting a real discount in insurance having...
  6. M

    Accident and Insurance

    Hi all, Apologies, I wasn't sure if this thread belonged in here, but thought it was the best fit. I drive a Mercedes A-class and have been in an accident where I went into the back of a 4x4. It’s damaged the grill, badge and slightly displaced the bumper and bonnet. I have tried resetting the...
  7. I

    Need Some Buying Advice For A 19/20 Year Old With A Passion For Mercedes

    Hi, this is my first forum post and I was hoping for some insight into the w201 Mercedes 190e/190d. I have had a golf MKV 1.6 fsi for almost a year now (no idea how i managed to find decent insurance as an 18 year old) and I honestly haven't had a single issue with the car, it runs...
  8. ChrisKnottIns

    2017 Virtual Show & Shine Competition :: Chris Knott

    2017 Virtual Show & Shine Competition :: Chris Knott/MBO Insurance Hi, It's been a couple of years since we last ran a Virtual Show & Shine competition on social media so we'd love to offer one again this Summer with a fitting prize up for grabs. HOW TO ENTER Simply post pics of your car on...
  9. H

    Dash Cam Requirement

    I have a 2015 S350L that I would like to have a front and rear dash cam installed in. My first port of call was the dealer who said they don't fit them. They did however recommend a third party but he never answers his phone. Next I took the brave step of trying Halfords, who said "no...

    Hello - Carbon Performance!

    Hello and welcome from carbon performance we are a Ltd company located in west sussex, we specialise in fitting carbon fibre on cars, dipping and dash cameras. Our website is We welcome all new potential customers if you have any questions or queries please do not...
  11. ChrisKnottIns

    Chris Knott :: FEBRUARY 2012 NEWS :: £115+ savings possible

    We've been away for a while due to losing the guy who looked after the forums for us but we've sorted things out now and are ready to contribute helpful comments to the forum again. If at the same time we can provide you with a competitive quote for your car insurance when it falls due - great...
  12. I

    Servicing near me - and good news on insurance!

    Can anybody recommend a really good independent MB garage for regular servicing in the Crewe/Cheshire area? Also, feeling really chuffed, my comprehensive with business insurance on my 57 plated E280 Sport estate has gone DOWN! Just £250 with LV. Woohoo!!! :D
  13. Hibbo

    1st Central Insurance

    Anyone used them? After ploughing through a few of the comparison websites, they are by far, the cheapest quote, less than half the price of the next lowest! As a cynic I tend to think "if something seems too good to be true, it's probably bollocks", but I've checked the terms of the quote...
  14. robertjrt

    Accident scam trial

    On the news it is reported that there is a trial in Manchester of persons involved it a traffic accident scam that has been going on for years! Evidently, it was only discovered when the staff at an insurance company notice numerous accident's at the roundabout overlooked by their office, it...

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