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    Auto Gearbox Jerk- W204 Coupe C220d

    Hello All! Noticed a few times whilst driving, that my car seems to jerk when I come to a complete stop! I took my car to the local dealer who said the car needed a software-update. However, I don't seem to think that this has done the trick. Anyone else have the same issue?
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    Jolty and delayed gear change

    Hi, I posted here a couple of months back regarding a new Transmission Control Unit fitted to my CL600. Following this, there was, and still remains a big difference in the drive of the car, with the cars drive almost feeling like it's being held back, with some sort of resistance on the...
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    E 280 CDi Automatic gearbox jerk problems

    I have just bought a E280 CDi Sport 7 speed Automatic, and have found that a get a gearbox jerk when slowing down from 4th to 3rd and so on. This only seems to happen when cold I was en-route to my Mercedes Dealer this morning to highlight it and get them to investigate it, but once the...
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    Auto Transmission Jerks Car when lowering gear

    Hiya, Its a weird problem thats quite random. When i step on the accelarator sometimes, the gear drops but i can feel a jerk/thud when this happens and then the car speeds up again. Its quite random but im not sure if its normal for this to happen. One situation for example - Reducing...

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