1. S

    2010 E350 EGR Problem?

    Hi guys, Iv got a 2010 E350. Basically Iv had a cluster of problems in the past month I have changed turbo actuator motor, air inlet shutoff motor and a full service. After a week or so my car had been chugging at revs between 10-15mph. Problem got worse and worse and then a fault code came up...
  2. Z

    W203 270 CDI smoke and limp mode riddle

    Hi, I have a Mercedes C class, 2005, 270 CDI with 390.000 km. I know, a lot. But I love the car and the interior is gorgeous :) The problem: When accelerating there is a lot of black smoke comming out of the exhaust. Even a fast rev in park would create a cloud of smoke. Sometimes the check...
  3. K

    W211 E220 - ABS/ESP - Transmission limp mode

    Hello! I Got an W211 E220 who is in a Transmission limp mode - (2227-1) It would not change gear, it stucked. I got error on the ABS/ESP and i search for failure codes, when i did that i got that the right rear sensor vas defect, so i changed it. Now its in the same shape as before, not even...
  4. N

    Limp e220 bluetec diesel

    Hi Am new to Merc. Just bought my e220 diesel bluetec coupe Nov2015 model week back. Only done 8000 miles. Today, was driving back from work in slow traffic and suddenly would not go beyond 3rd gear and wouldn't speed up despite pressing hard on the acclerator. Have a dealer warranty for 3...
  5. J

    2001 Sprinter 313 cdi. Limp mode? No ecu light. Turbo?

    Recently bought a 2001 sprinter 313cdi on 120k and been having a few problems, some of which I have allready resolved with help from this forum. It had only done about 1000 miles in the last year and was overcooling and lacking a bit of power when I got it so checked it over and found a couple...
  6. Smaltze

    W210 E320 Hard limp mode strange cause

    I was working on my nearside electrics box and i took out the Gear box ECU control unit, part number a 030 545 20 32. I barely noticed when i first took it out i thought it was just a bit of oil on the wires. I tried to use the car later on and it was in hard limp mode, no shifting from 2nd...
  7. R

    CLC200 CDI Loss of Power

    Hi Guys! I'm new to the forum and a proud owner of a 58 Plate CLC200 Auto Diesel. I was driving it today and noticed it wouldn't rev above 3000RPM. I struggled to overtake and could barely go above 60mph. There was no sign of the turbo kicking in and the car was very slow to accelerate...
  8. N

    ML270 CDI Intermittant Limp Home Mode

    I have a 2005 ML270CDI, I have noticed that the car was going into Limp Home Mode on an intermittant basis. I took it to a MB Specialist and there was no error messages on the car, they said from their experience its likely to be the Air Flow Meter (or something like that, sorry I am no...

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