1. 6

    Max USB Memory size ? / IPOD no go - Fun with COMAND (NTG 4.0) on a W204

    Hi, I've had my C350CDI for a couple of weeks now. Lovely car, enjoy driving it immensely. I have the COMAND unit, with the multi disc changer, nav and media interface. I was given a new set of cables from the supplying dealer. I have a 5th gen iPod classic which when connected displays...
  2. W

    Memory keys?

    Hi I am new, always fancied a mercedes and after looking for several months found a 2003 s320 cdi, had a test drive and fell in love.....but there have been one or two issues. As I am new here I am going to start with a minor queery, my car does not have any memory buttons for the seats etc but...
  3. S

    S350 electric seat problem

    Hi I have a 2003 S350 (W220 I think). Last week the easy entry seat function stopped working and at the same time the base unit has stopped moving back or forwards. The steering wheel part of the easy entry still works fine, as do all the other electric seat functions. I have checked all...
  4. R

    Electrical mayhem on 51plate SL500 silver arrow

    I have an sl500 silver arrow and suddenly things don't work, ir rather they work under certain conditions (sometimes). The mirrors will no longer retract with the button. The doors have started locking as you drive off and the most annoying thing is that the mirror adjustment won't work unless...
  5. zedmeister

    W208 CLK320 drivers electic memory seat problem

    W208 CLK320 drivers electric memory seat problem - help, can't drive car! Hi there, A while back my drivers memory seat developed a problem where trying to move it forward would move it back and moving it back would move it back. The memory button would bring it to the correct position so the...
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