1. Rosst94

    Lowered suspension

    Does anyone know what springs would be best to lower my s204 c220 amg sport plus? Don’t want anything to stiff or to low
  2. J

    Please help! How do I clear this fault??

    I have no idea how to clear this fault. I believe the car thinks someone is sitting in the back seat however there’s nothing on the seats. I tried doing up seat belts but the 2 people change to people with seat belts on. I’ve tried putting the seats down and putting them back but I can’t get...
  3. S

    Saving my Back

    Hi guys, New to the forums here, but was hoping to get a bit of expertise. Love working on the car, but I've been suffering from a bad back in recent years (showing my age!) Was thinking in investing in a lower back support like this, but was wondering if that would be better for heavy...
  4. Richie Livo

    Whirring noise

    good afternoon guys, my 2006 Sl350 seems to make a slight whirring noise at speed coming from behind me? Maybe as I’ve recently got it I’m picking up on anything.. possible the cheap tyres! Only seems to happen after 40mph and it’s not loud I just know it’s there.. Sounds like it’s coming from...
  5. 300SL


    Looking for newish S-Class and found these tempting choices...
  6. 300SL

    Something Amazing...

    Yesterday, I have some time of work so I thought I would just for a drive. I have not done this in years and I have missed the sensation of you and your car in perfect harmony. Listening to that 6.2 V8 growl it's way through the countryside. It was something I want to do more.
  7. 300SL

    CLS or S-Class?

    As the family SUV was crashed, we need a new car. I have chosen to diverge from an SUV for a change and I am stumped on which to choose. CLS 350 Sport from new or a newish S-Class (link below). I do not need much space, a sporty drive would be nice and speed as well, both will be diesels. Which...
  8. 300SL

    W211 E-Class and C209 CLK-Class

    It may just be me but I think these cars have aged very well and everytime I see one, I still think it is a very attractive car. I know that there not that old but some cars are outdone by the next generation but I think these are not. Very good looking cars. Does anyone else agree?
  9. 300SL

    New Family Mercedes

    As my wife crashed our family car, a Mercedes ML300 CDi, we have sold it and we our looking at a new family car. Seven seats is not needed but I thought about the new ML but I have thought about a change. It would the thrid ML we have had in a row. If it were to be a saloon, it would have to be...
  10. J

    C280 - Water leak coming in passenger footwell

    Hi there Not sure anyone can offer advice on this issue, but thought I'd try anyway. I have a 1997 C280 Elegance. It's in pretty good condition, just a few small rust spots. It drives well (though is awful greedy on fuel, but that's what a 2.8. engine will do). My problem is this...

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