ml 320

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    BAS/ESP BIG problem

    Hello my friend. In my ML 320 (W163) 2001 is having a big problem. First, the history is that a friend gave it to me for free. Because he is not using it anymore and at the used-store they were giving him only 800 eur for the car.... NOTHING. . and he thought...I can make somebody happy.... and...
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    W164 ML 320 CDi 2008 - Door lock problems

    The driver's side door lock stopped working in my ML some months ago. It does not work with either the central locking or auto lock on movement of the vehicle. It has to be manually locked and released. Now the rear door on the same side has the same problem! I have been quoted £1000 at the...
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    ml 320 cdi 2006 fuel pump

    hi I am after a little bit of help I have a 2006 ml 320cdi and it has just started making a very loud whining noise it sounds as tho it is coming roughly around where the fuel tank is just under the drivers side rear door is this what it could be?? but I also understand there is 2 different...
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    Ml 320 lpg

    I have bought ML 320 LPG converted few days ago, i filled full tank of lpg upto 62 litre, it only lasted me 72 miles in total and lpg finished, can somebody tell me what it could be the problem. since the lpg converted its only done 17k miles.

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