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    E300 Diesel Hybrid - P0299 and intermittent P00AF(72)

    Hi all I have a 63 plate E300 Diesel Hybrid, I believe it’s the OM651 from an E250 with a battery. Car is currently on 174k. Last week while driving it went into limp mode, I checked the code, cleared it and continued driving and it was fine for about 2 minutes and went into limp mode again. I...
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    Power lag

    My 1998 c250td wont accelerate to overtake when cruising at 120kmh and loose power during acceleration from 2nd gear upwards
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    560 sec changed on kickdown but no power

    Hi, Hopefully someone can assist: My 560sec is lacking power. Now, it has stood for 7 years and i am only 300 miles in to blowing the cobwebs out of it and this includes using fuel additive to clean the injectors but she is v sluggish and on kickdown, she changes gear but then just hangs there...
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    Hi all The other day I was traveling along a motorway when I realised I had no turbo power. I had to reduce speed to pass a toll plaza and it took ages to get back up to speed gearing up at low revs, iif I accelerate it would not kick down and engine didn't rev, but once up to speed it was ok...
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    Help: Locked out of SLK

    I have a lovely old SLK 32AMG (R170) Does anyone know how to get into the car (or open the bonnet) when the battery is flat? The car has been laid up on a SORN since November, has been run every month, but otherwise untouched. Previous lay-ups have been in a garage with battery on trickle, but...
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    1990 230E Auto Intermitant acceleration

    Hi new to the site and could really do with some help. My old 230E has decided it dos'nt want to change gear at the right time. At times at 3-4000 revs it will still be in 2nd gear doing 20mph (feels like a clutch slipping but it's not I've been assured the box is ok) other times it will do...
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    Loosing power - Seem like Turbo not working - Help !

    Hi, I've got a w211 2003 320 Cdi. While driving to work today I noticed the power was dropping and it felt like there was no turbo. When I put my foot down it just took ages to accelerate. I've read other posts and most people say there cars gone into "limp mode", but I was still able to...
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    No Power to Command 2.0 system

    E320 CDI W210. I have just had the car back from an engine rebuild and the command unit will not power up. I know they would have disconnected the battery while working on the car. I have checked all external fuses and all are OK. The garage will take a look at it next week. But ahead of that I...

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