oil cooler

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    Oil leak, left hand side

    When my car was serviced in Jan they mentioned there was a small oil leak which needed looking at at some point. Because it was minor and because I did not notice any oil drips on my driveway I forgot about it. I took my car into a local MOT place today for an MOT and they failed it due to...
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    Oil level is high! Please help.

    Hello! I hope you all have a happy new year! I have (W203 C230 Sport 2007 V6 M272). I changed the engine oil + filter three weeks ago. The car takes 8L and I applied precisely 8L. After two weeks, I noticed: Some oil in the coolant reservoir Some steam smoke from the hood of the car where the...
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    W219 - Gearbox Refill / Oil Coolant pipe

    CLS CDI 350 w219 Drove the car sportily and gearbox stopped working, only 100 meters driven onto drive on inspection I could see these two pipes loose, one off the other very loose as seen in the picture my impression is the person who recently just replaced the bumper did not tighten...
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    Newbie with w204 coolant leak

    Hi all , just joined need some help with my 09 C220 , been losing coolant for a couple of months but as I thought it would get worse , took it to my indie he says he thinks it’s the oil cooler , but has no interest in doing it as he’s moving abroad and said it’s a bad job labour intensive ...
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    Oil cooler - How to test?

    Hi, I have a Mercedes S-class S320 and recently I have come across a problem which I have not dealt with before. I'm not a mechanic but like to do almost all jobs on the car myself. What I'm requesting help for is that few days ago I saw oil in the water coolant tank. The car had a puddle...
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    oil in water on sprinter 312

    Got a Mercedes Sprinter 312. Noticed the other day oil dripping underneath it. Switched off engine and investigated. Oil on dipstick is within limits but lower than normal. No creamy deposits or water appears present. If i dip my finger in radiator header tank its just pure thick black oil...
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    The oil cooler of doom (1992 W124 300TE 24).

    Hi folks! It's me again. There's an oil cooler living (or rather dying!) in front of the near side front wheel of my old 300TE 24, tucked in behind the front bumper. It's leaking quite badly. Has anyone got any tips or advice on how to replace this item? Are there any gotchas...

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