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    Is this my oil filter?

    I have a couple of questions here. Car in Question is a 192 - 1992 300SL 12v 1: do people here tend to change their oil base on miles or colour of oil? I've done a good 10k since my last change but the oil still looks brand new without a blackness. Would you still bother changing it? 2: I...
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    Care tips for mercedes?

    I have a 2003 SL500 with 70,000miles on it. So far I have changed the following: - Oil filter and oil - fuel filter and spark plugs - pulleys and belt Is there anything else that I need to change on the air to keep its maintenance? Any other known issues? Cheers.
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    C250TD Oil Filter

    Hi all, Small problem: I've removed the oil filter cap (with filter element attached) from my C250TD (1999, saloon) but i now can't get the actual filter element out of the cap - i've tried pulling it, twisting (unscrewing) whilst pulling - everything I can think of but the damn thing wont...
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