1. Jmelouise

    Wheel touch ups, curbed the car :(

    Hi guys, I’ve curbed my car!!! painfully irritating. But such is life. My wheels are like a gun metal grey colour. So I’m struggling to find a touch up pen that’s the same colour. I also can’t find a paint code anywhere to help narrow down the search. I’m sure the wheels didn’t come this...
  2. Chrishazle

    Spieshecker Document Re Paint Defects

    In my 2019 thread Carneol Red Laquer Peeling - Let Battle Commence, I reference a superb document by the Spieshecker company showing all types of paint defects plus the cause and cure for each. Unfortunately the link no longer works and I have emailed the company to ask if it is still available...
  3. G

    Advice on paintwork blemishes

    Hey everyone, I bought my beautiful 2015 C204 a few weeks ago, and after giving it a good clean (following some of the amazing advice from these two posts 1, 2), I've noticed some issues with the paintwork. I've taken some pictures, although it's very hard to capture the extent of the issues...
  4. M

    2021 Vito Dark Graphite Grey

    Hey guys, I have just bought a new 2021 Vito 110 in Dark Graphite Grey. This colour should be a metalic colour but looking at it it looks more like flat grey. Looking online at other models in this colour they all seem much more metallic than mine. I was wondering if the paint has slightly...
  5. JustinN

    GLA45 AMG Questions - Help needed

    Hi All I have a couple of questions about my 2015 Mercedes GLA45 AMG and I'm wondering if any experts out there could help me please? 1. My GLA45 is blue and I was able to get the blue paint code from the inside door panel. However, my car also has a gloss black AMG bodykit and there is no...
  6. C

    Paintshops around Beds/ Northants recommendations?

    Well, some ****ing scrote has decided to twirl a sharp object down the side of my 215. Deep too, through the lacquer and into the colour coat. From the middle of the passenger door to the middle of the rear wheel. Can anyone recommend me a paintshop around the Beds/ Northants area that does...
  7. H

    C class coupe micro blisters

    Hi everyone, I've recently bought a 2012 C class from a car garage and for the first week of owning it i decided to give it a good clean. upon clay barring it to get the surface clean I noticed the paint had micro blisters all over.. majority on the bonnet, roof, boot and sides.. can anyone...
  8. M

    Smooth out stone chip paint.

    The previous owner of my car has ago at fixing some stone chips on the bonnet.....badly. They are raised and look terrible, what is the best way too smooth them out to get them to blend in with the normal paint, as these are quiet raised and looks like the owner just put a blob on and didn't...
  9. R


    Hello. Does anyone know how much it cost to re spray a merc e class? Has anyone used any other independent company for cheaper? I have a tree gum falling on the car bonnet and it has left scratches and small marks. thanks
  10. G

    Repairing Minor Scratches And Spider Webs

    Hi, I have a one year old E220 and have a few very minor scratches by the door handles and on the front bumper (from stones I presume). I cannot feel them with my finger but they look white in certain light. I also have just had it cleaned as part of the first service and have observed...
  11. D

    What shade of white?

    Hi, I have a 1997 c200 elegance in white but does anyone know the name of the shade? I need to order some paint but dont know the name!
  12. M

    Anyone know of a good bodyshop on Teesside??

    Hello all, Do any of you know of a good body shop in the Teesside area? My car has started to develop a few rust spots around the usual places and has an ever increasing number of stone chips across the front of the car. The paintwork overall is starting to look a little tatty so I have...
  13. P

    Someone keyed the door of my C220

    Hi, I am new to this forum and have only been a Merc owner for just over 1 Year And what a great car it is too. I joined this forum to see if anyboby can help with some avice. The other week I came back to my car and found that the passanger had been keyed ( a scrach about 3 4 inches long)...

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