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    Smoke from Bonnet and Front Passenger Side

    Occasionally when the engine has run some distance, smoke erupts unexpectedly from the bonnet and front passenger side. I suspect it's caused by over gauged oil from the auto gear box dropping on the hot exhaust at high speed. The side opening of the gear box was once opened by a mechanic who...
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    2002 C220 Coupe Passenger Side Front Wing - RUST

    C Class - C220 Coupe 2002. Yes indeed, the dreaded rust rears its ugly head. I have been trying to find a replacement passenger side front wing and while I can find the saloon front wing for peanuts, the Coupe appears to carved from pickled Unicorns and Pixies. A rare beasty indeed. Does...
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    Vito passenger window not working from drivers side

    Hi, I have a 638 Vito that has developed a fault on the electric windows. Passenger side window works fine from the passenger side switch but not from the drivers side. Popped the switch unit from the drivers door and unplugged the passenger sides electrical connection. Checked connections clean...

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