pse pump

  1. Sam Stoddard

    **URGENT** R230 PSE NEEDED!!!!!!!

    My PSE is broken and I’m in need of a new one ASAP! cant afford £800 so is anyone selling a second hand one at all?
  2. Sam Stoddard

    Broken PSE Pump???

    Hey guys I’ve been having issue with my boot soft close and also the central locking not working. On my 2003 SL350 (R230) In another thread I went through everything I’ve done so far including sealing every single possible leak from the PSE to the boot actuator. I’ve also stripped down the...
  3. G

    1997 SLK 230 PSE Query

    Hi, I've just bought a 1997 SLK 230 last weekend and I have to say I'm over the moon with it! I've had a few Mercedes in the past, 1984 500SE, 1991 300SE, 1984 230E etc but this is my first convertible and I'm genuinely really astounded by the build quality compared to my 1996 Alfa Romeo GTV...
  4. U

    SL 55 PSE PUMP

    Hi An age old problem. My pump has gone and needs to be replaced and wondered if anyone had one that worked that I could buy. A new one is quite expensive. Thanks

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