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    CDI Alternator stops charging on above 1800 RPM

    Hi, My Mercedes W210 CDI (oil cooled) Alternator stops charging on above 1800 RPM. All internal and external lights become dimmed. While Idling, there is no extra sound but on increasing RPM strange swirling sound comes on. Belt already checked. No Battery light appears on Dash (when not...
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    w208CLK 2.3K RPM fluctuating on cold

    Hello forum viewers. 3 weeks ago I bought a 2000 CLK 2.3 petrol 111.000miles and on the first time I started the car on cold with the gear on P it had some trouble in maintaining the rpm. I would guess was because it was cold and after like 30s with the rpm going up and down the engine died. No...
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    (1997,E230,m111.970 )Engine shuts off when pressing gas pedal from idle state

    Hi all, I have a problem on my car, all is normal until i put D and when pressing gas pedal the engine shuts off, noting that not always happening, it's random. at many times, when pressing gas pedal, the RPM goes down for a while and then to normal and the engine dosent shuts off. another...
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    CLK270CDI rpm in quiescence issue

    Hi, I have a 06/2003 Mercedes CLK270 CDI 170PS manual gearbox.The board computer doesn't show any errors related to the car and engine itself(only some issues with the climatronic). My issue is that when the car works and is in quiescence it doesn't always stay on constant rpm value.For example...

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