1. Chrishazle

    2008 S204 C220Cdi Front NS Parking Light

    I have a dashboard warning about this, have just pulled the bulb holder expecting to find a blown bulb and found this instead. I have a horrible feeling fixing this could be costly!
  2. Chrishazle

    2008 S204 C220, How Many Filters?

    Need to get this car serviced, checking the records etc I see it's oil/filter time, air filter was done Jan 2019 and fuel filter May 2017 so as they're 4 year items (I don't do anywhere near enough mileage for that to apply) don't think they need doing, but also in the records is a combination...
  3. Sentinel-R1

    S204 C220 CDI Manual - shuddering

    Wanted to ask the experts opinions before I take it to a main dealer: The car is a 2011 Facelift S204 C220 CDI Manual gearbox @ 105k miles. So I noticed a few months ago that when in 3rd and 4th gear at low revs and demanding power, there's a shuddering feeling and noise coming from the rear...
  4. moj91

    W204/S204 Sub-Woofer question...

    Hi all... Just been thinking.../hoping... haha! Does the W204 (Saloon) C-Class come with a parcel shelf mounted sub-woofer as standard? I know our old CLK/E-Class etc. did, and they had the standard stereos... I have the S204 Estate, and alas, no sub-woofer, and I'd quite like one...
  5. Chrishazle

    Updated My NTG4 Satnav.

    Acquired a set of (genuine MB) 2012 V10.0 update discs for the NTG4 Comand in my 2008 S204 C220 and have just installed the update. From the Engineering menu I'd discovered that the installed maps were 07Q2, so system had never been updated from new. Expected to have to go back to the...
  6. Chrishazle

    S204 Rear Wiper - Intermittent Is Too Slow

    On my 2008 S204 the tailgate wiper has only wash and intermittent settings. In the filthy rain yesterday it was almost useless as it only wipes about once every 10 seconds. Thankfully the wing mirrors are excellent, otherwise I would have had almost no rear visibility most of the time! Is...

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