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    Electrical fault on 2003 CLK320 convertible w209 where do I start?

    Hi everyone, finally signed up been going through these forums offline for so long thought it's about time. I've just bought this mercedes clk320 convertible, with a gearbox issue, which has now been resolved. However, all these electrical issues have come up on their diagnostic which I need...
  2. V

    SAM, TCM and other challenges.

    I just thought it would be a good idea to post this tale, in the hope it helps you guys if you experience a similar issue. The car is a 2007 E320 CDI Sport, with a 722,9 Transmission. Back in June this year I started the car as normal went on short journey and noticed the engine light was on...
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    Fitting C class seats

    Hi I have a Mercedes citan van, I intend on fitting some c class seats w204. I'm trying to work out the wiring using common sense. Yellow plug is for safety stuff like airbags and seat belt alarm etc. Thicker wires for heated seats, wires going to motors are obviously for the electric movement...
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    R230 Front SAM question

    Thanks to the nice weather, have had a couple of days to play at fault finding on my SL55. I can't get my STAR to talk to anything on the CAN B at all, I just can't get it to talk to the EIS. I though my STAR might be dodgy at first, but I can see engine, transmission etc.. in fact anything on...
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    Please help...newbie with a problem!

    This is my first post here and I'm hoping someone might be able offer some help. Here's what happened this week with my CLK... On Wednesday I got in the car and noticed the Comand system wasn't working. I checked the fuse but it was fine. Then things got worse... Later that day...
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    SL500 Left Side SAM conections

    Can anyone point me to a list of what connects to the Left Side (Driver's side on a Left Hand Drive US spec car) Signal Acquisition Module (SAM) on a 2005 SL500 (R230). I am getting random errors and alarm triggers which I suspect is the SAM but it would help if I could get a list of what...
  7. Stocker

    Rear SAM location

    Where is the SAM unit for the rear lights situated please ? MY2001 CL 500 Thanks Paul
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    W203 electrical issue.

    Hello, I have a C220 2006 W203 diesel with an intermittent electrical issue. Some history, 12 months ago the car had various issues with headlights, instrument cluster and other electricals switching off whilst car underway and battery warning light coming on. Battery checked by roadside...
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    W203 wiper and washer stop working

    Wiper and washer pump on my Merc C200CDI w203 do not work. A mechanic connected his Bosch diagnostic tool and he could activate both so I guess the fault is either at wiper stalk, cable harness or SAM. Can anyone advise how I can isolate the problem. I don't know where the SAM is located. I look...

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