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  1. S

    w212 s212 Rear Air Suspension. A WARNING!!

    Having recently had a slow leak necessitating the replacement of a rear air spring on my car (and finding it an incredibly easy job, it's described elsewhere but with two people you don't even need to remove the shock top mount making it a 15 minute job) I found some springs at just over £60...
  2. Andymerc UFO

    Self Levelling air suspension problems

    Can anyone help me diagnose a problem with my self levelling suspension on my s211? The rear drivers side had dropped this evening and when i started and drove the car a short distance i could hear the compressor working away periodically. Then when i stopped the car to check ride height i...
  3. G

    Self levelling struts; connecting hydraulic tubes

    Hi, I am in the process of replacing the rear shock absorbers on my daughter's W124 T Sportline. My problem is that the tubing for the hydraulics is slightly puzzling; normally when you connect tubing like this, at least one of the nuts is "loose" once you've loosened the fitting. Here...
  4. B

    S211 rear suspension stuck at full height

    I have a late 2006 E Class 280cdi elegance estate with 125,000 miles. The back end is stuck at its fullest height after it had passed over a series of speed bumps whilst lightly laden. No amount of coaxing will return it to normal height. It is jacked up at a comic angle and the tyres leave...
  5. E

    Height Actuator not working?

    Recently had a lot done on my lovely W124 E280T with almost total satisfaction as a result. Almost, because one of my repairs was the replacement of all Hydraulic Self levelling system pipes. My mechanic adviced me to replace the Height Actuator (MB Part A2023200258) but due to a high price tag...

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