1. W

    Sensor Locations c63 (w205)

    Hi guys, I’m struggling to find some sensors on my engine. 1. The turbo boost sensors 2. Manifold absolute pressure sensors 3. Camshaft Sensor I understand that 1 & 2 are on both left and right side and that 3 is on the battery side. Can anyone help with a description, diagram or photo...
  2. I

    Guidance required

    Hi All I have an issue with my C250 A205 diagnostic says my adblue level is not registering and one of my Nox sensors are u/s. I've looked online and as i'm reasonably confident with he spanners I think I can replace the box sensor. Just one question as there are two upstream and down stream are...
  3. Ali Ayman

    Slow Android Auto and New Dash cam

    Hey guys, I hope you're all well. I own a 68 reg c200 coupe and I have a few electrical questions please. 1- The infotainment system is perfect so far, but I feel like google maps is better than the car's sat nav as it seems to give me shorter routes which is why I prefer to use Android auto...
  4. C

    E320 limp home mode

    Well gents, the 211 has thrown a wobbler. What I thought was a transmission problem looks to be something else. Connected the i980 up tonight and got 10 engine related DTCs. None of these are in the scanner's database so your help would be greatly appreciated in trying to pin down the problem...
  5. E

    TPMS Sensors

    Has anybody on here bought a set of sensors for a C Class 205? If so, any recommendations as prices per set vary from £90 on Ebay, upwards to £400 if you go to NTS. Just fitted winter wheels from previous car, but no TPMS on these, so want to get rid of warning lights! All advice welcome...
  6. S

    Brake Pad Sensors

    I own a 2011 C180 W204 Auto estate and recently changed the brake pads because the wear indicator was on and they were well worn. I fitted front and rear sets 'Dephi' pads and found only the drivers side front was fitted with a wear sensor. Is this correct? I had bought four sensors assuming...
  7. W

    Sensors Rear and Front

    Hi guys I now own an E- Class Saloon 2014 used to drive Audi's However the sensors work, but the beep only starts making noise when the yellow dots turn red on sensor. which doesn't leave much room and my wife has already hit the bumper :( Is there a way of turning on the sensors noise...
  8. S

    Fault codes -no power to engine and black smoke.

    Hello, I'm hoping someone could help me with a few problems I'm having with my Mercedes c class sports coupe 2006 diesel. I've had the car for a few months and have had trouble with it from the start. I first had to replace the conductor plate because of oil leaking. I got a diagnostics done...
  9. B

    [Breaking] all sl500 r129 1991 engine parts 72k miles

    hi i have a mercedes sl500 r129 engine 1991 72k miles done selling the engine for £750 the whole engine with sensors etc. or if you are interested in any parts let me know and we can come to an agreement on price. thanks birmingham area uk text or phone 07519026662
  10. T

    Parktronics problems

    I bought an ML320 in 07 and had 2 or 3 sensors replaced under warranty. Just out of warranty another 2 failed costing me around £360 to replace. A year ago it failed again intermittently and the Merc dealer said 2 more had failed. I didn't get it fixed and it worked for a while and then died. I...
  11. P

    Parking sensors

    I just bought a 2004 CLK but unfortunately it does not have parking sensors. I would be grateful for any advice on what sensors I should buy, rough cost, and how to install them. Many thanks.