service reset

  1. Patricia Rovinar

    Service B5 appearance after resetting service A1 for C250 coupe AMG

    Hello, I just did the service A1 check (oil + filters changed) and got reset and afterwards, service B5 popped up saying that it is overdue by 26k kilometres. Do I need to reset this as well? Or, is there something else that needs to be changed here? Thank you for the help!
  2. E

    still wont work

    trying to reset my service indicator , in my 1998 e class took advice here before wont work somebody help please
  3. G

    Service Interval reset R230 2003- 2007

    After reading the instructions in the manual with no positive results, and reading 14 different ways to do it, all which didn't work, I thought I'd post it on here, sorry for any duplication. Do not use Keyless Go, switch on with key and go to position 2, do not start the engine. The service...
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