shooting brake

  1. X

    2018 CLA Shooting Brake 200d Noise When Accelerating

    Hi All, I recently purchased a 2018 CLA Shooting Brake 200d has 30k miles on it and iv just noticed that when I accelerate more than normal such as putting my foot down to the floor or maybe 75% the car makes a noise similar to that of having a small hole in the exhaust but if I dont accelerate...
  2. s5tuart

    CLS 400 Shooting Brake

    I think I may be fishing in a dead river! I’ve finally decided what I’d like to buy once my flat has sold but I’m wondering if I’ve overreached I’d like a 2015 on model (facelift?)but I would really like the following; Premium Plus (If that’s an option) Distronic Airmatic Sunroof (or Pano if...
  3. MaxPallas

    Ex SAAB enthusiast now hoping to enjoy my new CLS just as much

    I had a SAAB 9-5 Aero estate for 12 years, great car to drive, incredible performance in its manual guise, but age took its toll, after almost 200,000 miles it was time for a change, but what will fit the bill? No more SAAB, so I'll "upgrade" I hope that is the correct term without insulting...
  4. C

    CLA Shooting Brake or C Class Saloon

    So I got invited down to a 'VIP' sales event at my local MB dealership recently. Whilst I've had my eye on a few newer models recently, I had no real intentions of upgrading at this time, but thought I'd head down to the dealer anyway to get some early ideas for my next car. Big mistake...I now...
  5. 300SL

    Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake...Your View?

    Now, when I first saw the CLS Shooting Brake, I just thought it was another niche created by MB as that have done in the past, e.g. the R-Class (?). Also, when I first saw it, I didn't think it looked that good. However, it has grown on me. I think it now looks excellent. The more I see it...

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