1. M

    Software update destroys fuel economy

    I bought my B200 D Auto with 5,000 miles & 18 months old. On a long motorway run was achieving 65mpg & easily 50mpg + average on full tank of fuel. I booked a dealer service & received an email the day prior to taking the car in about a software update. The email referred to cars with Ad Blue...
  2. R

    Mercedes c300h 15 playe

    I have a c300h hybrid car. I had a problem with it before as well that i rarely went to the batteries and stayed mostly on the engine. I got it fixed from Mercedes, they said it needed a software update. After some time i got a letter from Mercedes for a recall and when i got my car back it...
  3. Janchee

    New Mercedes Me app

    Got a notification today about the new Mercedes Me app... What are your initial thoughts? Seems quite good and a lot less buggy. You can now tell the percentage of how much each window is up/down!! Link to new app
  4. P

    Reading Error Codes

    Hi - fresh meat here, just joined the forum. My wife has a 1999 SLK 200 Kompressor and I have a W202 C200 myself. I'd quite like to learn how to read the error codes - particularly since the engine warning light came on the SLK this afternoon. I have the laptop, I expect I'll need some form...

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