1. K

    Ordering Genuine / Quietly Aftermarket Parts for Mercedes Similar to TPS for VW

    I owned VW cars and had a good relationship with TPS to get parts and prices for parts on VW Cars as I used to buy and sell them. I'm not aware of any place I can call / search for online to get price on info for parts, I'm collecting a few Mercedes currently W219 / E190 / E36 Amg - and looking...
  2. E

    Parts, spares, Help, where to get OEM,

    Hi All, I really need some help, I'm rebuilding my 1988, w201, 190e, And I need recommendations for websites to get genuine or quality OEM parts? I was looking online for all of my parts, at first I was looking at all Febi bilstein but after seeing some reviews on here it looks like they...
  3. C

    Hi all, I have a lot of spares from a 2007 ex long Vito suspension power steering rack

    Hi all sorry not used to these forums, I have a lot of spares for an extra long 2007 Vito 111 prop shaft (3 part) power steering rack and sub frame rear bumpers x 4 and arch liners floor liner from the cab very good condition ccu"s and many other parts please call or text me on 07782 333023 if...
  4. Tukka

    W115 Owners!!

    Im about to start on body restoration of my 1973 200D and was wondering if there are any other W115 owners within my area? Im in Ashbourne Derbyshire and would like to view any other cars for reference purposes and/or possible source of spares. Im looking for front bumper or just o/s...
  5. U

    Part Numbers

    Hello Can anyone recommend a good reference guide that explains MB part numbers? More specifically, I am trying to source a used distronic sensor for a 2008 E320 CDI W211 from a breakers. (MB main dealer new are close to £3k !) My sensor is labelled. LU A 211 540 11 62 HW A 211 540 32 17 FW A...
  6. imkaz

    So I broke my SL

    I hope this is the right place to to post this topic, please let me know if it should be reloacted. About a week ago, I drove my SL into a solid pole, no one else was involved or hurt, I am fine too, air bags didnt go off. I do feel really stupid and sad that I've done this to a car, but it's...
  7. Teutonic77

    Trying to keep an old rusty automatic alive..

    Hi Mercedes Peeps we've got an old Mercedes Vito 638 automatic which we've been nursing along with bits here and bobs there. We've been stuck for a few months without her as the Neutral position/Inhibitor switch needs replacing. We cant seem to locate one that's not a kings ransom from a main...
  8. K

    Advice/Help re W209 CLK55 2006

    Hi, looking for some help/advice to locate a couple of parts I need for my 2006 CLK55 cabriolet. Following knee surgery this week my fiancé was using the car () to pick up our daughter and went down a curb on full left lock trying to accelerate onto the road. There was a nasty crunch as we...
  9. L


    Hi everyone, a couple of months ago some fool smashed off my drivers side mirror, the whole units pretty smashed up and i've been getting by with a caravan mirror that i taped into what was left of the body, duck taped to my car. Not very nice! I've been searching tirelessly on spare part...
  10. T

    W114 250 CE 1969 - Engine required

    Hi, Needed an engine for my next project. It for a 1969 250ce. The current engine is completely shot. I understand that these models were fitted with the M114 I6 engine. What other models of MBs can I potentially look at to find replacement? Any pointers would be much appreciated...
  11. M

    Break or Repair? I prefer lemons in my G&Ts

    My introduction to Mercedes ownership hasn't started well . Looking for a car that could allow my Porsche 928GT to avoid a daily motorway commute (and frequent visits to petrol stations ;-) I picked up a W210 E320 CDI Avantgarde. I was careful about who I bought it from and thought I had found...

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