1. Apex Seal

    Knackered W124 260E/300E (2.6) Sportline M/T purchase

    Hello people. I am currently looking for purchasing advice on a Merc I found for sale in my country (Argentina, South America), and hence resort to MB forums for oppinions (after having read several posts previously). Here´s the thing. I found a '92 W124 260E Sportline for sale (300E 2.6 for...
  2. H

    W124 Sportline convertible - hello

    Hello all, I have joined the forum as I have a 1994 E320 convertible that, after a bit of thinking, have decided to keep. London is, as you know, introducing an emmissions zone in which my car will no longer be driveable withut paying - but as it is a sunny day car, and no-one likes driving...
  3. B

    E320 Coupe Auto

    Hey there I'm new to all of this stuff so sorry if something similar has been posted. I recently came into ownership of an E320 convertible and have been told it is quite rare. It has sportline badges but there is nothing to suggest this through the paperwork. I have been told it is quite rare...
  4. G

    Self levelling struts; connecting hydraulic tubes

    Hi, I am in the process of replacing the rear shock absorbers on my daughter's W124 T Sportline. My problem is that the tubing for the hydraulics is slightly puzzling; normally when you connect tubing like this, at least one of the nuts is "loose" once you've loosened the fitting. Here...
  5. A

    W124 Sportline ball joints

    Hello all, I have just taken my (relatively) newly purchased 1994 E320 coupe in for a thorough check over and the dreaded B service. As well as fixing a few minor annoyances, the garage has come back with a couple of more serious issues... Apparently the ball joints on the front...
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