1. zedmeister

    R107 wipers won't turn off!!!!

    I bought a R107 1985 280SL recently. The wipers used to run on "0" but off on "1". They also used to turn on when indicating - very annoying! So I figured it was the stalk. I purchased a brand new stalk and I have just fitted it - now the wipers run on every setting when the ignition is on! I...
  2. J

    Intermittent indicator stalk

    Hi - First post in this forum so please bear with me! Our car has an intermittent fault with the indictator/windscreen wipers control stalk. For days it works perfectly and then the next day it either doesn't work or it does the opposite. If it indicates left but you've clicked it right, if...
  3. D

    W107 indicator stalk not cancelling

    Hi I have a W107 1987 300SL and the indicator does not do a very good job of self cancelling. I understand that this is a fairly common problem. Aparently, you can't get the stalk part new. Does anyone know the part number and/or who might have a second hand one (that does not have the...
  4. D

    Intermittant wipe

    Oh dear another problem has risen its head today. On intermittant wipe 1st setting the wiper wipes the screen once just as the switch is turned to the 1st intermittant position then nothing only 1 wipe. What could this be?
  5. B

    W203 wiper and washer stop working

    Wiper and washer pump on my Merc C200CDI w203 do not work. A mechanic connected his Bosch diagnostic tool and he could activate both so I guess the fault is either at wiper stalk, cable harness or SAM. Can anyone advise how I can isolate the problem. I don't know where the SAM is located. I look...
  6. nicensleazy

    W208 Faulty Indicator/Wiper Stalk

    First of all a big Hello to everyone, I’ve been meaning to join the Forum for a while and haven’t got round to it but today seemed an appropriate day after the grief my 230 CLK has decided to give me since last Thursday. The vehicle is a 1998 Elegance in quartz blue with just under 90k on the...
  7. P

    W202 wiper relay/stalk problem

    My first post, and apologies if this is covered somewhere already - I did look but there are 500+ threads in this category. Just bought a '97 C200 Elegance auto estate (upgrade from my beloved 1992 190E) and all the electrics are working - sunroof, windows, mirrors, lamps, etc - except the...
  8. B

    w124 Indicator Problems

    Hi, First time on the forum but looks like a great source of info. I recently started having problems with my wipers going every time I touched the Indicator stalk in order to indicate. Then a couple of days ago the indicators just stopped working, the hazards work fine but I get no...
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