1. S

    SL 500 M113 engine intake manifold mystery port causing rough erratic idle / loudness

    Hello forum Simply put, I had a problem with the car (detailed below as it may relate to your problem) and I have found the cause but do not know what part is missing? its the black port on the intake manifold - like a speedfit or pushfit connector? here is a library image. After...
  2. A

    Engine management light

    hi guys I have this problem with my w204 c220 diesel estate automatic(2009) (98k), that I cant seem to figure out what it is. While stationery if i want to accelerate the car seems to hesitate initially with a jerk with idle moving up and down in rev range (500 to 1500 rpm) as if the car is...
  3. H

    1994 C220 Stalling Issue - PLEASE HELP ME!!

    Hi all I'm new to the site and have joined in the hope someone can help me. I own a C220 sport from1994 (W202) with automatic 4 speed box. Issue :- sometimes, completely random times, the car will when slowing down to a stop or even just slowing down, she stalls. Will start straight away...
  4. B

    Engine stall when in drive.

    Hi All, Just wondering if any members have any knowledge on my little problem. Just picked up a 1984 280E Auto and love it but is has a few little niggles and quirks. The main one that concerns me is when in Drive the engine revs drop a little when I'm at standstill. Not really an issue...
  5. M

    Very little low end power and lots of smoke - expert advice needed

    Hi everyone, I have a 2003 model C220 CDi and I'm having serious problems with it. When the engine is started from cold it shudders quite violently for the first few seconds and then stalls. Usually on the 2nd start it shudders and picks up. If you push the accelerator all the way to the...
  6. T

    380SL throttle switch

    Hi all I have been scouring every forum i can find to try and solve the issue with my 1984 380 SL. The problem i am having is that once she has warmed up if the throttle pedal is pressed and released 9 times out of 10 she stalls, this also happens if the pedal is released whilst driving, to...
  7. S

    W123 239E fuel pump

    Morning all, Having a few problems with the old girl. Started out with a rough idle, which i put down to it actually being used, and hoped that it would sort itself out once all the gunk had gone through the system. Idle started to get worse, so started investigating. Changed plugs, leads...
  8. L

    C180k Sport Coupe running rough

    Hi all, Please go easy on me, Im not a mechanically minded lass, and I am a little anxious with this situation. Wonder if anyone could offer any advice. I have a 03 plate C180K, well serviced, just topped 80k on the clock. It has never had any running problems, so I was surprised the other day...
  9. I

    A150 2006 Petrol Starting but stalling immediately.

    What started as an inter-mittant problem of starting, then immediately stalling has gradually gotten worse. My car will fire up, then stalls - this originally happened once and on 2nd start it would fire up and all would be ok. The next time started it may or may not start first time...
  10. S

    E200 misfire and power loss

    Hi everyone. W124 E200 TE 3/94 This is my first post so forgive and missing information etc please. Where to start.. There are two issues, they may be related they may not, but would like advice on where to start. 1. The car on warm restart drives normally and then the power will...
  11. S

    A class running problems

    Hi my A160 sa 1999 has started running really badly. It did it about three weeks ago and cleared up after a day. This time it is all the time. It starts fine and in neutral revs ok but as you start driving it keeps cutting out and stalling, shunts, and misses and runs lumpy. I had it plugged in...
  12. E

    C180 2001 Engine cuts off

    Hi, I have a C180 2.0 2001 and of late have been having this very peculiar problem of engine cutting off if the fuel tank is half or less! If I keep the fuel gauge above half, it keeps running as normal. Had it checked from a merc expert who diagnosed that there is some sort of fuel pump or...
  13. S

    1993 300sl cutting out ?

    Hi i have a 1993 300sl 24v which i have owned for 4 years, i only do 100 miles a year so not much use. in the last six months when i start the car it runs perfectly for 5-10 minutes and then cuts out and will not start again until it has cooled down. There is fuel getting through and a spark...

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