1. J

    W203 no. Start

    Hi I have a c200 on a y plate, had for two year and never a fault, now I can't start it and I'm confused as what's up, many posts point to poss battery some ecu and some gear selector. Car has full dash lights on and releases staring lock, but that's it, no click and no start . Also ( didn't...
  2. rolfy

    Cold Start Problems

    Hi All Playing whack-a-rat with problems on the old jalopy. Now we've cured the blocked cat it goes like stink.:D but the next niggle to pop up is reluctant starting in the morning. Usually it starts first time, except when left overnight. It fires up, dies, and then takes a fair bit...
  3. I

    C180 K Ignition Starting Problem

    Hey guys, this is my first post on here and I hope i'll be able to get some help or advice. I've got a C180 K (56 Reg) and every so often, whether the car is cold or warm, when trying to start the engine it keeps ticking and doesnt start immediately. After a few attempts the engine starts, the...
  4. Mickey76

    E300 diesel issue, again!

    Still struggling with air in the system, I look such an idiot some of the places I have to park the car to get it facing downhill so it will start on return. New clear lines and o rings and pre filter, Stop solenoid o ring, tank filter, all jubilee clips, diesel leak off, so all the usual...
  5. B

    Delayed start !!!

    In my 2003 SL 500 sometimes it has delayed start. Most of the times its fine though Really frustrating !!!!!!!!!!! Have changed spark plugs and fuel filter. Anything else I can do? Has this happened to anyone else?
  6. A

    Problem Starting my SLK 230k (2000)

    Hi, My SLK always started first time. Now sometimes I have to turn it over for upto a minute before it starts. Once started it is fine. When the engine is turning over it sounds like there is no petrol. I also notice today that the courtesy light did not come on when I opened the door...
  7. G


    Please can anyone help I have a 1999 CLK 320 Conv.:( My car starts first time in the morning (when cold) but if I stop at the petrol station or a shop - it takes a good few attenmpts to start again. When the engine is hot I tuen the key and nothing doesn't even attempt to turn over. I...
  8. P

    w220 S320 Not turning on final Key turn / 2000/w reg

    Hi all I'm hoping someone can please shed some light on an intermittent problem I have with my beloved benz! Now happening more often than before, I put the key in the ignition, turn 1st and second turns all lights / ignition comes on. Then do the final turn and nothing happens. The car won’t...

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