1. Razor Burns

    Hi, new member need support as going thru my 5th Mid-life crisis.. my mercedes 280ce

    Hi, Looking for any info to help me cure my ACCELERATOR / THROTTLE / STICKING ? and CABLE Advise. An image of the correct accelerator cable would be very helpful as I think previous owner has used cable from w124..
  2. Smaltze

    w210 throttle not returning to idle position

    My throttle is getting stuck in the half on position. At first when in park turning it on it starting screaming up the revs and i had to switch off quickly before it redlined. The throttle springs back from full on to about 30-40% on position but wont go all the way back to the bottom, as if...
  3. M

    Mercedes ML270 - Brake problem

    I have a Mercedes ML270 2002. I have just had new pads fitted all round and new brake discs on the front by the local garage. For some reason, since they have been changed, the front brakes only are sticking on. The garage itself says they are not sure what it could be but they assure me that...

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