1. D

    reconnecting boot

    Hi all First-timer here. Basically, my boot had stopped opening fully, but closed fine, (on an automatic open/closing system) so to diagnose the problem I wanted to know if the struts had failed. So logically I thought I could disconnect the automatic arm to the boot (simple clip-on) and see if...
  2. Smaltze

    What shall I do about my w210 rear suspension

    I've been running H&R springs all round on my w210 e320 for a couple of years now, they were fine and the car was comfy at first but it's not good now. It feels like I have about an inch of travel and no shock absorbtion atall. It's back breaking to say the least. I guess i have gotten used to...
  3. G

    Difference between rebuilt and new Airmatic struts

    Interesting reading from the bilstein website on the differences between rebuilt and new struts.
  4. G

    Aerosus Airmatic struts

    Hi Anyone heard of Aerosus germany Struts look cheap and they say they are new not rebuilt with 2 year warranty
  5. A

    E280 2000 s210 rattle from rear when going over bumps and potholes

    I have a 2000 e280 avantgarde estate s210. I am getting a rattle from the rear when I go over bumps. I had Merc specialist look at it who still can't diagnose the problem. I am not happy with them because they told me to change the sub frame bushes and charged £150. Have been reading some stuff...
  6. P

    2001 W210 E320 CDi Estate Tailgate Struts replacement

    I need to replace my tailgate struts; I can find no instructions in my manual or on the Web. Can anyone help me with instructions? Best place to buy struts?
  7. N

    W220 Rear Suspension Issue One Side

    Hi, I have just purchased my first MB, a lovely 2003 34000mile S500, however I have a problem. The passenger side rear suspension is sitting a lot lower than the other side. When I tried the airmatic lift, this temporarily corrected it to the correct height. Howver after a few hours that side of...

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