1. C

    Hello from Carmarthenshire

    Hello everyone. I have always found this site to be very informative and useful, and am looking forward to making some contributions myself. I have a 2005 slk 350 manual - yes I know I'm a dinosaur with that, but it is the best manual I've ever driven and don't think I would ever feel ready...
  2. P

    C280 W204 2007 rear subframe failure

    Having read several posts regarding this, does anyone know of a garage that would undertake the repair? Car is immaculate otherwise,
  3. imkaz

    So I broke my SL

    I hope this is the right place to to post this topic, please let me know if it should be reloacted. About a week ago, I drove my SL into a solid pole, no one else was involved or hurt, I am fine too, air bags didnt go off. I do feel really stupid and sad that I've done this to a car, but it's...
  4. C

    R230 subframe tool

    anyone know where I can buy the insert / removal tool for the R230 subframe? ....only place I have found is in Taiwan.....I have emailed them but not got a reply yet
  5. TheGaffer

    W124 / C123 /S124 E Class Coupe

    Hi People, so over the weekend i decided to attack the rot on my E Class Coupe (C124) that yes you guessed is the rear sub frame front mounts. If you did not know and own these models i suggest you whip of your wheels and have a dig with a screw driver, although your see the rot easy enough if...
  6. G

    Commonsense check on suspension repair price

    Hi I have a knocking from my NSF and the local independant has quoted £2000 (parts and labour) to replace the arm but also replace the sub-frame, as this is worn. No reason to doubt the guy, as he has serviced our cars for years without a problem. Has anyone had a similar repair done - to...
  7. B

    Rear sub-frame bush torque setting?

    Anyone know the correct torque setting for the front pair of bushes on the rear sub-frame for a W210? Is it 70Nm as per the W124?

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