1. Kiwi_Benz

    Kiwi (not lost) in France, for now with W163

    Hello all, I have been looking through the forum and thought I should join! I'm a Kiwi currently in France but I live in Indonesia, and while we are in France we need a vehicle to tow a horse float. So, ML270 seemed a good idea! It has a strange fault we just noticed on our first long trip -...
  2. K

    Hunting/Surging on Idle

    Hi everyone, I've got a Mercedes A180 2006 which has had a plethora of issues since purchase. Luckily, I have had these covered by warranty from the garage I bought it from else I'd be down the best part of £1,500 plus in repairs (bought it in April). Janis (after the lady Joplin) has had EGR...
  3. philiggy

    2006 c200 CDI uneven revs-heater problem-and N33/2 fault??

    I've just bought a 2006 C200 CDI Avantgarde with some odd faults. The revs are uneven,its terrible to drive when cold causing choppy changes. The Heater is either red hot or freezing cold...nothing in between. Its been on a STAR reader with no faults other than.... "Check N33/2 (Heater...
  4. R

    Cold Start Surging 350SL

    My 1971 350SL starts no problem from cold - but after about a minute it will surge to about 2000rpm for a second then drop down to 1000rpm. It will repeat this around 6 time before it settles into a normal idle. No problem when a warm engine is started. Car runs really well apart from this...
  5. 4

    W204 C220 CDI Surging

    Hi all, wonder if anyone can provide any guidance on a small issue I have.. The car is a 57 plate C220 CDI Auto with 52k on the clock and on very light throttle loadings the revs start to surge up and down by around 150rpm which gives a mild kangaroo effect! It is the same with cruise on or...

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