1. B

    Engine bay fire - My 2002 ML 270

    As per the title, My ML has just been written off due to a fire destroying the engine bay. We were travelling up the M6 with the caravan on the back when the other couple we were travelling with phoned us to say the could see steam coming out from the side of the car. Luckily we were just...
  2. K

    W203 Passnger side heating not working

    W203 Passnger side heating not working Hi, am new to the forum. Well, I bought a mercedes c200 cdi 2007 three months ago and later found out the heating on passanger side does not work. Driver side works okay. Any any idea what the problem might be? I decided to clean the cabin filter and...
  3. 5

    SL55 - Fried BNS unit N82/1

    Hi, Just came back from two weeks traveling and wanted to take the SL55 for a spin. But only to discover both batteries where totally dead and a smell of burned electronics :( I charged the batteries but immediately got the red battery "visit workshop" warning when turning on the ignition...
  4. D

    E 240 S210 2000 Engine dead

    Hi everyone After I read a lot of posts and I coudn't find what to do. My car is : E 240 T ( S 210 ) ( 2000 ) 2.4 L , 6 V, petrol Country : Norway I bought it before one month and was working perfect, I used petrol from used car garage , before 10 days the problem start when I try to...
  5. S

    BBC One Show Looking for 70's Mercedes.

    Hello, I work for a television production company, Raise the Roof Productions. We are currently in production of a BBC One holiday program hosted by Len Goodman. We are looking for a 1970’s Mercedes for filming on Wednesday 2nd July. The idea of the show is that Len Goodman will take a...
  6. J

    Faulty Latch on Glove box - Help!!

    I have seen quite a few references to this problem, although I have yet to see anyone post a solution to this. Can anyone please point me in the right direction? In short I have a CLK 240 (W209) the latch on the glove box does not catch anymore. So am stuck with the problem of an open...
  7. E

    Thick Newbie 2005 Viano Owner - Help Appreciated!

    Hi Guys, I recently purchased a 2005 Viano Ex Long Trend 2.2. Its a lovely beast but have got the following issues, any feedback would be much appreciated: Doors open - All the time I am driving the dash is displaying 'doors open' and i Think its showing both of the front doors, obviously...
  8. D

    tv upgrade for c220 sat/nav dvd screen.

    apologies if this is a copy question but have been unable to find the answer. i have an 08 c220 with sat/nav and dvd screen but would like to get freeview installed. can i buy a digital tv tuner/card/antenna that can plug straight into this screen somehow? don't want to have to start cutting...

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